Japanese Knife Company celebrates 1 year

Japanese Knife Company is a nice niche store located in the heart of Vasastan. In the store you can buy Japanese kitchen knives and get an interesting introduction to how you sharpen and care for your knives so they’ll last a lifetime.

What distinguishes a Japanese knife from a European, is that the former has a longer sustainable sharpness, thin and light steel, and that the Japanese have a thorough knowledge and tradition when it comes to knives. Pigge Hall, who runs Japanese Knife Company, was the second westerner to get a diploma in sharpening at Whetstone (a thousand-year-old Japanese sharpening method).

Jay Patel founded the first Japanese Knife Company in London 1998. The first store was located in a garage in a true entrepreneurial style, and then the company has grown from there. Today there are three stores in London, two in Paris and one in Sweden. The store is in Stockholm was started by Pigge Hall and Niklas Ekelund in the spring of 2016 and now they proudly celebrates one year.

Pigge Hall

Pigge Hall – one of the owners of Japanese Knife Company

“I’ve been working with knives for eight years”, says Pigge Hall and continues:

“The starting point for me was when I was the second foreigner in the world to receive the certification at Whetstone in Japan. To become certified, you must train hard and be focused, otherwise you will not pass the difficult tests.”

There is so much to learn about knives. Everything from how the material works to how you should use and handle them in the best way.

“We are Stockholm’s only really well-sorted knife shop. We sell all kinds of knives and we educate restaurant staff in knife handling and knife care, i.e. sharpening”, says Pigge Hall and adds:

Japanese Knife Company store

The store on Upplandsgatan

“Knowledge and education are at the heart of our business. We want to show and teach people that if you care for your knives properly, you can have them for life. We want people to be able to take care of their knives themselves, therefore we are more than happy to tell you how it works when you visit us.”

More than 1,500 products are sold at Japanese Knife Company, the majority of them are of course knives, but they also sell other kitchen accessories such as cutting boards, frying pans and knife rests – all for the convenience of the customer. Pigge and Niklas also sharpen knives to many great restaurants in the store, like the restaurant Sushi Sho who has a Michelin star. Others who get this sharpening service are Eriks Gondolen and Söders Hjärta.

“We also grind for private households”, says Pigge.

Every Wednesday between 4 and 6 pm there are open courses for individuals that cost SEK 595. In the course you will get an insight into the Japanese history, learn about steel, forging and how to sharpen. If you want to know more about knives, you are always welcome to visit the store. You are guaranteed to leave with new knowledge. The store will of course help you find the perfect knife for your needs. And don’t forget to check out the popular knife series 63 Lager Damaskus JKC while you’re there.

Where: Upplandsgatan 57
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Photo: Julia Dansarie and Anders E. Skånberg

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