Italian Dinner at Gamla Stan

Good afternoon my friends, I hope everything is going great for you. Got any plans for tonight? This weekend? I strongly suggest you to visit Ristorante Rodolfino in Gamla Stan for some good and tasty Italian food.

I had told you that I received a dear visit from friends from Copenhagen. Well, one of those days, specifically on Sweden’s national day, we were walking around the Old Town and, to my surprise, we ended up in one of its cutest little streets. I mean, look at that view, isn’t it gorgeous and majestic? Perfect setting for a cozy dinner with your loved ones.
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As we were approaching the restaurant I told my friends that, even though I had never been to Italy, that street seemed like it. They nodded with a smile and then said out loud “I was just gonna say!”…
I don’t know what it is, perhaps it was the vibes of that day and the 3 Italian restaurants located in front of each other, haha. Perhaps it was their table cloths with white and green squares, the sun shinning and the all-Italian waiters greeting you and inviting you to dine. What a magical day

If there is something I won’t ever have enough words to be grateful for, is great service; sadly a common characteristic in many of the restaurants in town. But these guys were something else. I mean, they are Italian, right? Southern European, known for their great hospitality spirit and warm smiles.
We were seated in a joyful manner, with jokes and laughter floating in the air and spicing up the forthcoming meal.

Off to a great start, we had “no choice” but to order the most Italian aperitif: a refreshing and iconic Aperol Spritz (110 sek) that, given the circumstances previously narrated, tasted like heaven…
Life was in each and every sip of those delicious and masterly prepared Aperol Spritz’s.
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Proceeding with the meal, my friends ordered a couple of pizzas (yes, the same friends from Café Pascal that didn’t allow me to take photos), Pasta Casarecce con Saliccia al Tartufo (176 sek) and I ordered another Italian classic: Linguine al Frutti di Mare (185 sek).
Not much to say about the pizzas. They were good, but nowadays it is hard to find a great pizza in town. Tasty, yeah; but that’s it.
Now the pastas… They were delicious!
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I am by no means an expert on Italian cuisine, but I have eaten at many Italian restaurants in my country (home to a big and very representative Italian colony), in the U.S.A. and Europe. If I had to put it into words, I’d say that it is one of the best versions of Italian food I have tried in a touristy area. Why do I say this? Well, allow me to elaborate. In almost every touristy area of a city, the restaurants offer poor versions of whatever food they cook. I can understand it. They are usually busy all the time and the feeling seems to be to “get the food out of the kitchen and to the customers as fast as possible”. Of course, there are a few exceptions in our beloved Stockholm, and Ristorante Rodolfino is one of them.

The food has soul, it is well seasoned and the ingredients appear to have been carefully selected. Both pastas were on point. We loved the salsiccia the most. It was absolutely delicious. With its very particular taste, greasy, deep; and in combination with the pasta casarecce and the truffle oil bathing it all… Food paradise!
The Frutti di Mare was delicious too, although the mussels were a bit over cooked. Not a big deal for me since I don’t care much for its taste, but for the price I do expect a perfectly cooked dish.
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We truly wished that we would have had some room left for dessert, as the restaurant proudly claims to have the best Tiramisu in Stockholm. Big words, right? Any Tiramisu experts out there that want to join me and see this for ourselves?

As the meal ended, the waiters kept coming to our table to speak Spanish to me and to joke with my Danish friends and their language. I just love it when customer and waiter/waitress engage in this friendly way that makes the dining experience one to remember; and the food, to taste better.

Grazie Mille to all the staff from Ristorante Rodolfino for one of my most memorable meals ever.
And of course, to Gamla Stan and its beauty that made that day magical and mystical…

I’ll see you soon amigos, keep eating great foods and enjoying la vida.

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