Introducing Samantha

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! First off, I can’t even BEGIN to describe how excited I am for this opportunity – to not only be living in the heart of Scandinavia but also that I have the ability to write about it and share it with you all here. Traveling has played such an important part in my life (and I have so many trips coming up that I’m just dying to blog about!) so expect to read about my experiences abroad and get some fun vacation tips and getaway ideas. On top of that, I will be blogging about my lifestyle here in Stockholm from nightlife to the best hidden gem restaurants. I hope you will enjoy reading and that I can inspire you to get out and explore Stockholm and the world for yourself 🙂

I wanted to start by telling you all a bit about my journey so far and how I ended up here! Originally from San Francisco, CA, USA, I moved to Seattle, WA in my early teens. I attended Washington State University where I pursued a dual degree in International Business and Management & Operations. Some of the best memories from my college career were joining Kappa Delta sorority and meeting lifelong friends/sisters as well as my exchange semester in St. Gallen, Switzerland. However my most cherished memory was meeting my Swede…and well, need I say more?

My first trip to Sweden was in the summer of 2013 and it was unforgettable. I should add that I knew absolutely nothing about Sweden before coming here (typical American right 😉 ) so I had no clue what to expect. I remember riding in the taxi through the city after arriving and looking out the window in complete aww. I consider myself pretty “cultured” but I must admit, I had never seen anything quite like Stockholm. Combine the beautiful architecture, the rich history, and a pretty awesome guy and I was sold!Stockholm

I finally made the move to Sweden in the summer of 2015 after graduation. Now, some people who know about my experience always describe it as “something out of a movie” or “a real life fairy tale.” Although my story is pretty unique for us Americans, it wasn’t an easy road getting here. From being so far away from a loved one, to dealing with the legalities of actually being able to come to Sweden, to the fear of the unknown – it was a roller coaster of emotions. I have grown so much as a person throughout this experience and to me that makes every struggle, tear, and ounce of doubt along the way worthwhile.

After living in Stockholm for a year now, I have gathered my fair share of stories about living among the Swedes and adapting to their sometimes unconventional social norms. I will save that for another time though 😉

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Thanks for reading and until next time, XO

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