Introducing Olivia

Hello everybody! Welcome to my page. I plan to write about and share with you my favourite places/things in Stockholm with a hint of fashion and beauty too.

The reason I have decided to start doing this (blogging publicly) is because before I moved to Stockholm… sure, I had heard of it, and I knew where it was. But I didn’t have a clue what was here, why I would ever want to come here and I had certainly had no motivation to actually want to visit. I feel that sometimes a modest city like Stockholm can get overshadowed by others like Paris, Rome, London, Venice, Barcelona, just to mention a few (in Europe). So Stockholm might be a bit further down your list of places to visit. I hope I can bump Stockholm into the top 3 of your ‘City Breaks Bucket List’ (where it belongs) … as I share with you my favourite places to eat, drink, shop and be merry in this exciting and beautiful city we know as the Venice of the Nordics.


But first, I thought I had better tell you a bit about myself – so you can get to know me a little better. I was born in West Yorkshire, England… and I lived in the same family home my whole life before moving to London… and then here – Stockholm. I had a happy childhood, filled with wonderful memories with a supportive and loving family and the best friends. I went to two very good schools and was lucky enough to get into the University of my choice – The University of Huddersfield – to study a 4 year degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion. After 3 years studying and a year in the industry, I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in July 2016. I would say I’m pretty well travelled and thanks to my Dad, I have probably visited every castle/stately home within a 20 mile radius of each city/town I visited as a child.


My favourite meal is a pretty close toss up between chicken fajitas and an English Roast Dinner. I play the piano… but in recent year’s I’ve become more of an improvisor rather than a music reader. I can’t touch velvet – it makes me cringe. Santorini is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in my life. I love Italian food, especially pizza. I love to ski – which is a perk to living in Stockholm. I’m a Sagittarius. My natural hair colour is actually a very boring mouse brown. I have been to Barbados over 10 times and I’m still itching to go back again. I have 2/3 sugars in my tea and I have zero intention of cutting down. I am kind of allergic to my cat – I know, very inconvenient. And I love photography! I studied photography for 2 years and I generally have 17,000+ pictures stored on my iPhone. I take pictures of everything… hence the super visual blog. After all… a picture can speak 1000 words, right? So, enough abut me! More about Stockholm and all the great places I have discovered since moving here in Summer 2016.


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