High quality and luxury combined in one bottle

I am definitely not a big drinker, not at all. But when I do drink alcohol I have very high standard. I don’t wanna settle for anything that isn’t high quality.

Even though I prefer being sober when I go out dancing, I do enjoy having a drink now or then with friends, especially during summer time, and one of my fav drinks is vodka redbul. Also, I am one of those people that can buy a bottle of wine or champagne just because I think the bottle is beautiful. DQ vodka gets me, if I buy a product, I don’t only buy the content but the whole experience. Regardless of what I’m bying, the packaging makes a difference and buying vodka in a stylish and cool bottle like the one from DQ Vodka is just far more fun than bying something ordinary.

“DQ Vodkas unique bottle is made by one of the finest glass makers in Europe. The metal surfaces of the parts are produced to high-quality automotive standards. The finish for the top and bottom caps is satin chrome.

We have made every effort to create a bottle that truly honours its contents.

We realize that during the last 10 years Vodka has changed from being purely a drinks business to becoming a luxury goods business. It is ever more about lifestyle, fashion and elegance than the beverage inside the bottle. We think it should be about both.

We offer tangible luxury, both in terms of outer design and the liquid inside.”

Except the fact that the vodka itself is really good, I do have a thing for supporting Swedish brands, cause most of the time that means it is high quality. “Only three other distilleries in the world, out of many thousands, utilize the same special methods of fermentation and distillation as our distillery in Sweden. None of these three other distilleries, however, have access to the pure Swedish water that determines much of the purity and smoothness of the resulting fine spirits.”


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