Ice cream break at StikkiNikki

When I am in the mood for ice cream I often go to StikkiNikki! They have several shops located around town, for example at Drottninggatan and St Eriksplan. The ice cream always tastes so good and they often have some new interesting flavor to offer. My favorites are salt caramel and vegan chocolate, delicious!

Ska-rmavbild_2016-08-05_kl._14.48.15 (1)

It is a bit different from other ice creams because it is mainly made with milk and not eggs and cream. So it is not as heavy and actually healthier than the average ice creams. Everything is made from scratch in the mornings and then delivered to their ice cream shops. The ingredients are natural and organic so no artificial taste enhancers or colorants.

So it is tasty, healthier than other ice creams, and good for the environment – whats not to like 😉


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