Ice cream and boat tours are not only for sunny days

Do you consider yourself an ice cream lover? If you do, this post is definitely for you.

I planned on taking my friend Jessi out on a little adventure in the archipelagos of Stockholm and give us some girl time while getting tanned and then at the end of the day I wanted to buy her some yummi ice cream. Well, the Scandinavian weather is not very reliable so even when the weather forecast says sunny, you better bring your umbrella, just in case.

Luckily, both Jessi and I are optimist and even though the sky was warning us about the rain and it was a bit chilly, we decided to make the best out of our day of from work and explore the archipelagos and end the day in Stadshagen with ice cream before heading to Friday’s zumba class.

Said and done! We ended up having a really nice day together, finding time to just chat, enjoy healthy and tasty sea food served by Vindhem and just being swept away by the beauty of Stockholm. The beautiful sightseeing tour took about two hours and as soon as we got back to the harbor outside of Kungsträdgården, the rain started to fall.

Sea food at Vindhem

Sightseeing with Vidnhem

Sightseeing with friends at Vindhem


I think we both looked like we just came out of the shower when we finally reached one of StikkiNikki’s ice cream bars. You might think a rainy windy day is not the best day for ice cream, well I say it’s the perfect day for ice cream or should I say, gelato. Their big range of interesting and exciting flavors definitely makes it worth a visit or two (or several).


There are lactose free options, vegan options and all the options are organic and only containing raw sugar and it’s all daily fresh and best of all, the flavors. Oh my, I have had the opportunity to taste a few and I can’t wait to taste more.

gelato at StikkiNikki

My favorite so far is salted caramel without a doubt.


Found out where StikkiNikki have their ice cream bars here: StikkiNikki

For info about what Vindhem offers in the archipelagos and bookings: Vindhem


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