Hundar Utan Hem

It was about a month ago that I was looking through the “Hundar Utan Hem” (Dogs Without home) website, a habit of mine being an animal lover and wanting to see all the beautiful little creatures out there in desperate need for help, when I stumbled across this amazingly cute little brindle dog called “Chico”, who had been abandoned by his family and rescued by one of the many dog pounds in Ireland. I showed the picture to my boyfriend who fell in love with him immediately and we signed an interest form saying we wanted to adopt him.
One of the good things with the people working at Hundar Utan Hem is that they really try their best to find the right home for each dog. Being a nonprofit organisation, I find the work they’re doing incredible. Also taking in consideration that they’re able to do it while also balancing their full time jobs as well as having family and friends to think of is such an unselfish and admirable thing to do.
The same night after the home visit from one of their volunteers, the sweet and lovely Marie, we got a notice saying they were happy with us and if we wanted we could adopt Chico. We booked him, payed the adoption fee and two weeks later he came with the transport from Ireland to Stockholm. The memory of day we went to pick him up will forever be with me and it was such an amazing and indescribable feeling waiting for our little baby to arrive and finally be able to take him home.
Chico, now named Tony, is the most loving dog you can imagine and he has so much happiness in him. He loves to be near or on top of you showering you with hugs and kisses and he’s such a friendly little thing, always wanting to say hello to each and every person we pass on the street. We often get stopped and showered with compliments about how beautiful and good he is. He loves to sleep next to us and he brings so much joy to everyone around him. Why anyone would even consider abandoning him will forever remain a mystery to me.
So to anyone who’s looking to get a new family member, I highly recommend you take a look at your local shelter or organisation. There are so many wonderful dogs out there who deserve a second chance in life, one of the many reasons we didn’t want to get a puppy from a kennel. They say money can’t buy happiness, but this is by far the best investment we’ve made so whoever said that clearly never owned a dog.
“Saving a dog won’t change the world. But for that dog, the world changes forever.”

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