Humility, one of the most valuable traits money can’t buy

For 20 months one of the world’s biggest talents in powerlifting has coached me online to help me with my training. Pete Rubish is a phenom in the youtube lifting community, he has inspired tens of thousands of people to lift with savage aggression and put everything into every single pull.
That level of dedication, commitment alongside true genetic gifts have propelled him within a few kilos of a world record and all before he reaches his 25th birthday.

I had a skype chat with him 6 months ago maybe, it was the first time we spoke like that but it was as natural as can be, after i got over my schoolboy excitement of speaking to someone i’d looked up to for 3 years plus at the time.
I watched the 55 minute conversation again yesterday, maybe the 5th or 6th full playthrough. For me it gets better with every watch, i see small facial movements i hadn’t noticed before and yesterday i saw a small smile appear on Pete’s face when i was speaking of how much the support of a world class lifter means to me. This leads me to the point of this post, humility.

Pete would be well within his rights to swagger around like some douche thinking he owns everything he touches. Before we became a little more civilised he would’ve been free to own anything he pleased, i mean who could prevent him? But speaking to him as i did you get no hint of arrogance, not one moment of pretentiousness in 55 minutes. He is as grounded as you could wish anyone to be, let alone someone who is literally at the peak of their game. Success, fame, notoriority can go to people’s heads, and when that happens it is a sure sign of insecurity.

When you are good you’ll tell others about it, but when you’re great they’ll tell you.


In the words of the great Pete Rubish ‘there’s always somebody better or stronger coming up’.


Stay humble.



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