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Stockholm is generally considered to be a very beautiful city, it is even called ”Beauty on Water” and nowhere is that beauty and water more evident than in Old Town. The oldest part of the city is located on an island, completely surrounded by the lake Mälaren in the west and Saltsjön to the east. In this lovely part of town, with its cobblestone alleys, arts and crafts shops, restaurants, and cafés, you will also find some of the most charming and picturesque hotels in Stockholm.

Last updated: April 17, 2024

Your guide to the best hotels in Old Town

The hotels in Old Town are no tourist traps – on the contrary – some of the city’s most enchanting and appealing places to stay are to be found here. If you are looking for a personal and memorable hotel in Stockholm, these places in Old Town are just the thing.




Hotel Reisen

Hôtel Reisen – a hotel with a view

The location on Skeppsbron right by the waterfront, just a stone’s throw from the Royal Palace, makes Hotel Reisen the perfect place to stay in the Old Town. The house, whose foundation dates from 1617, combines historic elegance with modern comfort. In one of the rooms, there is a wall of handmade bricks from 1690, in another, there is a private sauna. The five-star hotel has 12 different room types, each with its own special charm.

Hotel Reisen is also a destination for those who like hotel bars, as here is one of Stockholm’s best: Bar Reiss. There is a wide range of drinks, wine, and beer as well as a good bar menu if you feel like something to eat. The wonderful atmosphere, the view, and the comfortable bar stools make this the perfect place to rest your legs after a day of sightseeing or meet a friend and plan the rest of your evening. Do not miss their signature cocktail, the Espresso Martini à la Fredrik Reiss.

Skeppsbron 12

Hotel Gamla Stan

Charming Twin Room At Hotel Gamla Stan

Hotel Gamla Stan is actually housed in three different buildings between Skottgränd and Stora Hoparegränd. The house facing Skeppsbron is called Hobelinska Huset and was built in 1670 after drawings by the architect Nicodemus Tessin d.ä. The heritage from ancient times is still visible; among other things, part of the old city wall goes through some of the rooms. All rooms facing Skeppsbron have a fantastic view of Saltsjön, Skeppsholmen, Djurgården and Stockholm’s inlet.

No two rooms are alike at Hotel Gamla Stan, but all are decorated with specially designed furniture, textiles, and comfortable quality beds. The old cellar vaults have been renovated and converted into a picturesque breakfast room, where the popular breakfast buffet is served.

Skeppsbron 22

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Victory Hotel

Maritim theme at Victory Hotel

Victory Hotel is the flagship of the family-run hotel chain The Collector’s Hotels. The hotel’s luxurious rooms have been named after old sea captains. In the historic building, there is a piece of Stockholm’s defense wall from the 14th century, and here the Lohe treasure was found – 18,000 silver coins that were buried in the 18th century. Victory Hotel has individually decorated rooms, suites, and a conference room.

The hotel’s founder, Gunnar Bengtsson, was a collector of rank, and his unique collection of antiques on the marine theme is on display at various locations on the premises. The Collector’s Hotel’s restaurants and wine bars are all located on or adjacent to the Victory Hotel. At the meat restaurant Djuret, where the Lohe treasure was found, meat from one animal is served every month. The whole animal is used, and the meat selection follows the season. Also popular are the La Ragazza restaurant, the Tweed bar, and The Burgundy wine bar.

Lilla Nygatan 5

Lord Nelson Hotel

Lord Nelson Hotel on Västerlånggatan

Lord Nelson is also part of the hotel chain The Collector’s Hotels, the smallest and perhaps most cozy of the hotels and the most budget-friendly option. This is Sweden’s narrowest hotel, just under six meters wide, and the hotel in the chain that has the most marine touch.

Lord Nelson was a British naval admiral, something that is reflected in the interior: the doors have round porthole windows, and the rooms are named after ancient ships, with a model of the ship inside the room. In fact, the whole hotel is decorated with marine antiques and collectibles. The homely hotel is located in one of Stockholm’s oldest quarters, on Västerlånggatan, in a house from the 17th century.

Västerlånggatan 22

Lady Hamilton Hotel

Romantic and cozy room at Lady Hamilton Hotel

Lady Hamilton Hotel, the third hotel in the chain The Collector’s Hotels, is more romantically decorated with Swedish folk art on the walls, and the rooms are named after landscape flowers. The hotel is located in a listed building on Storkyrkobrinken, near the Castle, which has actually housed a hotel since the 1470s. The rooms are decorated with traditional paintings from Dalarna and antiques from Gunnar Bengtsson’s collections.

Lady Hamilton Hotel also has several fully furnished apartments in the Old Town that can be booked for those planning a longer stay in Stockholm. During spring and autumn, Lady Hamilton serves her popular afternoon tea in two sessions on Saturdays and Sundays. Book a table and enjoy the delicious finger sandwiches, scones, and cakes – maybe with a glass of champagne too!?

Storkyrkobrinken 5

Hotel Sven Vintappare

Hotel Sven Vintappare is a charming little boutique hotel with seven rooms and a capacity for 18 guests. The hotel is located on Sven Vintappare’s square in the middle of the Old Town, in a house from 1607. All rooms have been carefully renovated and details such as whitewashed walls, wooden floors, and paned windows have been preserved. The rooms are tastefully decorated with Gustavian furniture in harmonious colors, and several of the rooms have cocklestoves. Breakfast served in a medieval wine cellar, is a delight with, among other things, homemade bread, own granola, fresh smoothies, and good coffee.

Sven Vintappares Gränd 3

Have a nice stay in Stockholm. We hope you will find the perfect hotel in Old Town!
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