Hotel With Urban Deli

- super modern hotel in the heart of Stockholm

Dance step illustrations on gray corridor carpets and photo art below black ceiling pipes. Behind the colored doors, urban-style decorated hotel rooms await: lamps in brass grid against Nordic light wood, black ceiling shower against white tiles. Tasteful and functional.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Hotel With Urban Deli calls calls this industrial style with carefully selected design details ‘Lean luxury’. The space efficient rooms have many light sources and a good air system. Therefore, it’s easy to forget that the rooms don’t have windows and actually lie below Sveavägen.

Hotel With Urban Deli calls calls the industrial style with carefully selected design details ‘Lean luxury’.

“Here you can go from your quiet room straight into Urban Deli, that offers a nice atmosphere from early morning to late evening, with restaurants, bars, food market, lounge, café and grocery store,” says Lisa Lindvall, CEO of Hotel With.

Since the hotel sells sleep, they have invested in fine linen made of satin and cotton, and extra thick, silencing doors. They have also boasted the technology and provided all the rooms with a 48 inch LED TV with 100 channels, a good audio system with built-in subwoofer and a media system that supports streaming services. And you don’t have to worry about bad coverage. Hotel With Urban Deli has excellent reception for all mobile operators in all rooms, and also a fast password free wifi.

Hotel With Urban Deli Sveavägen 44

As a guest, we really want you to feel that Sveavägen 44 is something extraordinary and that we’ll become your obvious choice.

– Felicia Lönnqvist –

84 of the hotel’s 106 rooms are almost identical. This is because they were built in a hangar in Finland. The module rooms were transported on a Finland ferry, through the Stockholm night, in containers and lifted with a margin of only a few centimeters on each side. Then the rooms only needed electricity, water, TV, and bed linen before they were ready.

In a few months, the hotel was built under the feet of Urban Deli’s guests. Because upstairs is their restaurant, where you can read the morning newspaper and enjoy french rolls, chia puddings, croissants, nutella, eggs, coconut porridge, fresh berries, and coffee from a roasting-house on Värmdö (an island outside of Stockholm). You can also have lunch or dinner here, or a deli meat tray from the food market if you stop by in the afternoon. At the top of the building is the rooftop park, where you can have a glass of wine and enjoy the view of Stockholm’s ridges.

Hotel With Urban Deli Stockholm

There are three meeting rooms and a multirum attached to the hotel, these can be used for everything from group training to lectures. The food studio, that has a separate entrance at Luntmakargatan, can be rented for seminars, cooking classes, private dinners with chef, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or mingles. It is also possible to rent the entire hotel with 240 beds.

The hotel’s functional lounge, MRKT, is both a cafe where you can sit and work, but also a good area for pop-up events. In MRKT, you check in and out at the counter, if you don’t want to do it digitally.

Felicia Lönnqvist, PR and market, concludes:
“As a guest, we really want you to feel that Sveavägen 44 is something extraordinary, and that we’ll become your obvious choice.”

Sponsored article in collaboration with Hotel With Urban Deli.

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