Be a hero and use ResQ club next time you are hungry

I do agree with all reports of how we are using our phones way too much and that we need to have less phone time, no doubt about it. But when geniouses like the founders of ResQ club comes up with an idea that not only gives you high quality food for a cheap price but also is super good for this planet, then I just have to say that phones can be pretty great!

So you can eat a nice meal or buy some nice coffee bread and at the same time you save whatever you buy from being thrown away. I don’t think I have to explain why this is great?! Thanks to ResQ club, 450.000 meals were saved in Stockholm during 2017. How awesome is that? So by using their app you are not only nice to the environment, you are also nice to your wallet.

One of my promises for 2018 is to use the ResQ app more and hopefully as many as possible will join me. Come on, let’s be heros together!

It’s super easy to use, you just download the app on your phone and you are pretty much good to go!

There are plany of options, you can go healthy, vegan, or go bananas on cinnamon buns. There’s something for everyone.

After you have made your order, you just pop by the café or restaurant where your food is waiting for you to save it and be a hero!

Johan & Nyström has so many tasty options, you just gotta check it out!

I just LOVE cozy cafés, especially when it’s cold and grey outside.

You can choose if you want take away or if you wanna eat it on spot. Johan & Nyström uses 80 % recycled material for their takeaway bowls.

You pay with your phone and have different payment options so when you pick it up you just show your receipt.

Healthy salad, perfect lunch before the gym!

Happy girl, not hungry any longer, energized from my healthy lunch and feeling great for contributing to saving this planet.

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