Hästens: Swedish Craftsmanship and Values

Sweden has become synonymous with designer brands recognized worldwide for their high quality and prestige. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, step into Nordiska Kompaniet, a luxury department store located on Hamngatan in Stockholm. Showcasing the best of Scandinavian design, it is here where you will find the most trendy and luxurious products in Sweden.

And it is no surprise that you will find the world-renowned bedding brand, Hästens, within the walls of this high-end department store. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, Hästens is known for providing generations of some of the best handcrafted beds in the world, with an unmatched design and quality.


Their bedding is made from only pure natural and ethically-sourced materials, including the purest flax, wool and cotton, slow-grown Swedish pine and genuine hypoallergenic horsehair. From expertly crafted mattresses and headboards, to duvets and pillows, throws, towels, robes, and even accessories for the little ones, Hästens offers a range of products suitable for the bedroom and beyond.

Browsing around Hästens’ NK boutique, you can really feel the passion and love put into every product they design. When I’m shopping, I tend to feel my way around a store, touching all the fabrics as I make my through; and I have to say, Hästens couldn’t be better suited for this. As you make your way around, it’s such a pleasant feeling to sink into their mattresses, feel the softness of their duvets and throws, or slip into one of their luxury robes.

However, what I really admire most about this brand is that Hästens has a strong understanding of the Swedish culture and stays true to Swedish values in the design of their products. They recognize that Swedes have a unique connection with nature and the natural resources around them – something that I’ve experienced the moment I arrived here in Sweden. They also understand that Swedes are analytical people, who generally don’t make rash decisions. This mentality is reflected in Hästens carefully crafted bedding, which uses only the purest materials.

If you’re like me, and value quality products from companies that stay true to their roots, it may be worth paying Hästens a visit.

Find a store near you here and explore what Hästens has to offer.

To learn more, visit their website at: http://www.hastens.com

Sweet dreams!

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