In the heart of Stockholm, only a stone’s throw from Stureplan, you find the bed company Hästens’ flagship store. In the beautiful and bright store you can experience the full range of Hästens’ comfortable beds. The store offers personal meetings with experienced salespeople.

Together, the people working in Hästens’ flagship store have more than thirty years of experience in Hästens’ products and production. Therefore they have really good information on everything you need to know when it comes to investing in your sleep. You can ask questions about anything related to the products, production and history. In addition, the staff is really nice.

Hästens sängar

The store manager Frida Lihnblå welcomes everyone to visit and get a step closer to your best sleep. Frida Lihnblå believes that nothing beats the feeling of coming home to one’s own bed and feel well rested.

– We want to welcome you to our home and give you on a real experience. Come on in and relax, have a coffee, try the beds and take a power nap, says Frida Lihnblå and laughs, yes it’s true, actually. People do that sometimes, sleep.

If we start with the history, what is Hästens? Hästens is an internationally known Swedish company that manufactures beds of highest quality made of the finest natural materials. The Ryde family has created unique handcrafted beds for six generations. Hästens is known for its high standards and luxurious sleeping comfort, with production in the small town Köping.

– The blue and white checks is Hästens’ trademark and is still the most popular pattern for those who buy a Hästens bed. But there are also 13 other options for those who want to match the color of their home in a special way, says Frida Lihnblå.

The blue and white checks is also popular among celebrities…

– There is an expression, “Sleep to perform”, and many high performing athletes are well aware of the importance of sleeping really good to be able to perform on a high level and be focused. Someone with an extra blue check heart is Christian Ronaldo, who happily shows off his Hästens products on Instagram, says Frida Lihnblå.

Hästens sängar Birger Jarlsgatan

Why is it important to have a good bed?

– It is a piece of furniture that will serve you for the rest of your life. Your sleep makes a big difference in the quality of your life.

What characterizes a really good bed?

– The absolute best bed is the one that you feel weightless in, since it is following each part of your body. The bed should embrace you.

How do you try out the right bed?

The store offers both prearranged meetings and spontaneous visits. The staff walks you through the range and tailors an overall solution to fit each customer’s unique needs, says Frida Lihnblå.

Where: Birger Jarlsgatan 25, Östermalm
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Sponsored article in collaboration with Hästens Beds.