Hästens Beds – Fulfilling dreams since 1852

Hästens will change the way you sleep forever with the finest beds, mattresses, and bedding accessories in the world. Six generations of handcrafted beds made from ethically sourced pure natural materials.

This is how Hästens presents their production, and that is true. Many people don’t sleep well, suffer from back problems, and say they were barely getting any rest during the night, but with a Hästens bed and mattress, they start enjoying their sleep in luxurious comfort.

The Hästens story began in 1852 with Pehr Adolf Janson (1830-1885), who was the master saddler to the Swedish King Oscar I. Historically, master saddlers were also makers of mattresses since horsetail hair was an essential material for the pads that went into the carriage. This is where the logo of a horse (created in 1917) came into being: as a reminder of the roots of the family business.

Pehr’s son Per Thure Janson followed in his father’s footsteps and together with his son David founded a company that began by not only making saddles and carriage pillows but also beds. By 1952, a century after its founding, Hästens had become the official bedding supplier of the Swedish Royal Court. In 1939 a brand new factory was built to create world’s most prestigious handcrafted beds.

Today, Hästens’ unique blue and white checked pattern, set up in 1978 by the father of current owner and CEO Jan Ryde, is its trademark. When it was first unveiled, the design received a lot of criticism, with journalists insisting that brown, green, and orange were what was trendy. But the blue and white checks prevailed, and people remained fans of Hästens’ bedding, understanding that the Swedish brand represents the highest quality, finest natural materials, and superior design. In one word, Hästens is unique, and the distinctive checkered fabric that covers their bedding has become iconic.

These days Hästens beds are not only available in their classic blue and white check – you can also choose from a variety of colours: classic blue, black, beige, graphite, silver grey, white, royal navy, solid black, solid brown, solid sand, etc. The brand is found in 22 countries. Hästens currently operates in multiple retail stores and has approximately 200 Hästens stores around the world in locations as diverse as New York, London, Stockholm, Madrid, México City, and Brussels.

Official website: www.hastens.com


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