Gröna Lund: Stockholm’s amusement park by the sea

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Summer in Stockholm is not complete until you spend a day at the city’s longstanding amusement park Gröna Lund. And this isn’t just any ordinary amusement park.
Last updated: August 25, 2021
Perched on the edge of Djurgården with the waters of the Baltic lapping its edges, Gröna Lund is big enough to pack some serious thrills but small enough that the kids won’t get too exhausted and you’ll easily find your way around.

There are the usual heart stopping rollercoasters, games of chance, and bumper cars and it seems that every year, when summer rolls around and the gates open, there are new attractions to discover alongside the old favourites.

Gröna Lund Stockholm
Have a day of fun at Gröna Lund
View Stockholm particularly likes the House of Nightmares (not in any way for the faint at heart!), along with the Insane roller coaster, which absolutely lives up to its name.

If you’re in the mood for mellower fare – or maybe top-level scary stuff isn’t for the kids – there is a separate, more friendly area for smaller children, where they can ride a gentler roller coaster, twirl in the teacups, or enjoy one of the regularly staged children shows.

And speaking of shows: Gröna Lund is one of the best venues to see live music in Stockholm during the summer, with the best of both national and international acts bringing their brand of good times to the stage in the center of the park.

There’s plenty to eat at Gröna Lund, whether you’re look for a quick slice of pizza or want to sit down and rest your feet before heading back into the park for some more of that legendary fun.

So, if it’s fun and entertainment that you’re looking for Stockholm’s Gröna Lund delivers – and the view can’t be beat.

Lilla Allmänna gränd 9, Djurgården
Photo credit: © NadyaEugene/
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