Great Hair With Bobby’s Superhair

Living in Sweden comes with its pros and cons, just like any other country. But the typical Scandinavian weather is undeniably in the latter category. With a few weeks of strong sun exposure followed by rain and cold for the rest of the year, it’s bound to take a toll on your skin and hair. Mix that together with a combination of hair products, blow dryers and straighteners and you have yourself a shortcut (pun intended) to a dull and damaged hair. Diet and lifestyle is also a key factor to the quality of your skin, hair and nails and it’s no secret that all of these things combined will determine how healthy you look and feel.


For a little over a month now I’ve been taking a supplement made by celebrity hair stylist Bobby Oduncu in collaboration with Better You, a company who’s supplements I’ve taken for years and can only say good things about. Called Bobby’s Superhair, it’s especially made for a nordic lifestyle with all that comes with it. It contains ingredients such as biotin, vitamin B5 and flaxseed oil that are all well known elements for a positive effect on your skin and hair. Biotin is considered to be the most important vitamin for your hair. Not only does it prevent hair loss and helps from turning grey, but it’s also usually prescribed for frail nails and skin rashes. Vitamin B5 is taken to prevent acne and other skin problems. Also named Pantothenic Acid, coming from the Greek word “Pantos” meaning “everywhere” because it’s found in all living cells, protects your skin from damage and prevents it from going dry. Flaxseed oil is naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber and will keep your skin smooth and soft.


In the relatively short time that I’ve been taking these tablets I’ve felt a major improvement in the quality of my skin and hair. As many other women out there my skin tends to break out under stressful situations or due to hormones. But I feel like my skin has cleared out massively during the time I’ve taken these pills, as well as my hair feeling stronger and dare I even say longer! Even my nails feel healthier and don’t break as often as they used to.

Each container comes with 60 tablets which will last you for about 30 days depending on the dosage you take. It costs 399SEK per container and you can buy them here or at your local Life store!

Stay healthy and make sure you try these bad boys out x



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