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Granqvist Store, a clothing store for men, is located on Rörstrandsgatan 10 in Vasastan. It’s not very large – but when you enter you notice that the focus is more on quality and volume than on the store’s square meters.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Wherever you look, you will find something that appeals to your clothing style. The owner Henrik Granqvist says that as a customer you get fantastic help and that you always get personal and professional advice.

For example, he advises that you use bright colors close your body and then dress more and more darker. When it comes to patterns, the finer patterns should be close and the larger ones farther out from the body. He’s often in the shop himself to help and put his own unique and essential touch on the details.

Granqvist Store vision: Offer the absolute best clothes and accessories at a slightly lower price

Henrik Granqvist is the former accountant who asked himself if he really wanted to do that for the rest of his life. He had already noticed that the clothes were one of the reasons why he became so successful in his former profession. He got the interest in clothes already in high school, and when he had the right style, it became clear that he got more attention, better treatment, and even better jobs.

Henrik couldn’t give an obvious answer to the question about his future, but he was pretty sure that he wanted a change in his career. And because clothes were his passion, the idea of starting up a clothing brand with his own concept was born.

He had noticed a gap in the market. Either there were premium garments that cost a lot or cheaper clothes of lower quality. Henrik’s vision was to offer the absolute best at a slightly lower price.

“Quality costs, that’s the way it is. And compromising with quality is never an option,” he says.

Granqvist Store - menswear in Stockholm

The store’s range focuses on shirts, pullovers and various types of accessories such as ties, bow ties, handkerchiefs, scarves, and suspenders. Henrik has carefully selected the manufacturers who can meet his high demands. The fabrics are purchased from the best resellers in the Como region of northern Italy or the well-known manufacturer Adamley in Macclesfield, England. Most of the accessories are manufactured in southern Italy where they have made ties since the early 1970s. The manufacturer is considered by many to be the world’s best tie manufacturer, and they now produce for both Granqvist and other leading brands in the premium segment.

Quality costs, that’s the way it is. And compromising with quality is never an option.

– Henrik Granqvist, owner –

One of the requirements is only to sell clothes and accessories that he would like to wear himself. The style and quality should last for a long time, and the details should have a unique touch.

Henrik is involved in all the store’s activities – from design and marketing to ensure that ordered packages reach customers all over the world.

Granqvist Store Vasastan

Henrik Granqvist, store owner

The physical store and the webshop at are closely related. Customers often go to the website and place items in the shopping cart, but don’t click the last button to confirm the order. Then they visit the store with a finished list in their hand and get expert help from Henrik himself. To develop the webshop is much more important than what numbers and statistics can tell. He says that the focus is more and more on improving the online presence on the web and social media such as Instagram and others.

“That’s where many customers meet Granqvist Store for the first time.”

Henrik also tells us that after the concept’s successful first year, more and more companies want to sell their clothes. The future will show where we find a shirt from Granqvist next.

Sponsored article in collaboration with Granqvist Store.

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