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If you like golf, you don’t have to put the clubs on the shelf during the winter season. Keep the game going all year round with a golf simulator in Stockholm. The city offers many nice golf halls for indoor golf where you can play 18 holes, develop your swing, and boost your putting skills regardless of the weather. Here’s your guide to Stockholm’s best golf simulators.
Last updated: January 22, 2024

The capital of Sweden offers many excellent golf courses, but since we’re a northern country, cold, snow, and other golf-hostile weathers put an end to the golf season in the fall. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for minigolf during the winter. Instead, you can visit one of all the indoor golf facilities that have appeared in recent years. It may not be quite the same as a real round on the golf course, but the advanced technology is getting better at creating a realistic experience that imitates the real deal.

Stockholm offers plenty of opportunities for those who like indoor activities. Padel, bowling, pool, and escape room are just a few examples of the fun stuff. But now it’s weatherproof year-round indoor golf we’re focusing on.

Playing indoor golf with a golf simulator is a trend that’s growing in popularity. It’s perfect both for those who train seriously and want to stay in shape and those who want to try a fun activity with family, friends, or colleagues. Considering how many dedicated golfers Stockholm can present, it’s no surprise that more and more golf halls are popping up for indoor playing.

Golf simulator Stockholm

What is a golf simulator?

A golf simulator simulates/imitates the experience of playing golf with the help of a computer. It consists of a hitting surface (hitting mat) similar to the one you’re used to seeing out on the golf course’s driving range. You then hit the golf ball against a projector screen, and a computer visualizes what your shot would have looked like if you had played outdoors on an actual golf course. The golf simulator measures, among other things, the ball’s speed, spin, swing path and shot angle to calculate the ball path. There are many different brands; examples of popular manufacturers are Trackman, Foresight GC2, and FlightScope X3.

A golf simulator has several benefits. You don’t have to fix the lawn after the drive, repairing landing marks is a thing of the past, you don’t have to worry about unreliable winds or disturbing rain showers, and there’ll be no long transportation distances between the holes. Because the simulator collects a lot of data when you play, you can also get good tips and in-depth analyzes to become an even better golfer.

Your guide to golf simulators and indoor golf in Stockholm

Book one of Stockholm’s golf simulators – the perfect way to play a round on St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, or Augusta National without having to buy expensive airline tickets. For those who want to play in the middle of the city, there are nice facilities in several malls – NK, Sturegallerian, and MOOD. And if you can go outside the central parts, there are plenty of high-class golf halls for indoor golf in Stockholm’s suburbs.

Here’s our guide to the best golf simulators in Stockholm and the surrounding areas. Just pack your golf bag and swing away. Can you perform a perfect shot in the driving range mode? Fore!






Alba Golf

Play golf on first-class courses on Stureplan, does that sound like a dream? Now the dream can come true, and it’s not about a putting green on top of the famous ‘Svampen’ but Alba Golf’s excellent facility in Sturegallerian. On 1,100 square meters, nine golf simulators give you great opportunities to sharpen your swing, whether a beginner or a professional.

The technology is top-notch, and in collaboration with TrackMan, each simulator is designed for the perfect experience. Add to that the generous lounge areas and private rooms with, among other things, ping pong tables and TVs – these are facilities where you’ll hang out for a long time. Or why not have a golf theme at your next corporate event, conference, or private party?

After a finished round of golf at Alba Golf, it’s, of course, time for the nineteenth hole – the facility’s restaurant and bar. Here you can enjoy snacks, pizza, and grilled sandwiches, as well as beer and wine. In other words, everything you need for an all-night event.

Sturegatan 4, Östermalm

Älta Indoor Golf

Sharpen your golf swing at Älta Indoor Golf
Älta Indoor Golf is a high-class facility where you get an incredible golf experience in a nature-inspired environment with a birch forest theme where the sun always shines. There are three high-resolution golf simulators with the best technology (Trackman 4). And with over 180 courses from around the world, there’s something for every player, regardless of skill. One of the simulators has a room of 45 square meters and the largest projection screen in Stockholm. A true hole-in-one for Älta!

Whether you want to sharpen your golf swing with friends for an afternoon, take lessons, run a tournament, or have a fun event with work, you’ll enjoy Älta Indoor Golf. Bring your own clubs or borrow on-site and enter the fairway. The facility has a nice club feeling, and if you want to golf with a cup of coffee in hand, there’s also a café. So the next time you’re looking for excellent indoor golf, you should head to Älta, just book in the app Sweetspot.

​Örkroken 2, Älta

RUFF Indoor Golf

RUFF Indoor Golf is one of Sweden’s major players in indoor golf, and in Stockholm, they’re currently located in Frihamnen. The people behind the concept have worked hard to create a world-class golf lounge where visitors have a great time socializing around golf with friends, family, colleagues, or business partners. The simulator environments and technology are world class and the same used by the top players. Clubs from quality brands, including Callaway and Titleist, can be borrowed if you don’t have your own set.

If you want to try a really good golf simulator in Stockholm, you’ll not be disappointed. RUFF Indoor Golf’s facility offers a full golf experience with five Trackman simulators, a lounge with food and drink, a member shop, and convenient parking outside. A great golf hang out all year round and perfect for taking a few swings whenever you feel like it.

Hangövägen 29, Frihamnen



Indoor Golf Group

Indoor Golf Group is another heavy player when it comes to indoor golf. They are Sweden’s largest chain for indoor golf and offer facilities all over the country, with four golf centers in the Stockholm area. The technology is TrackMan here as well, and you can play on more than 130 courses, including the Swedish golf courses Barsebäck and Vallda.

In the middle of town, in the Mood Stockholm mall, there are five simulators and a puttview/putting green. Bromma offers 15 simulators, Nacka has 14 and Täby five. There are also opportunities for both golf lessons and events at all facilities. Book via the Sweetspot app and then start hitting the balls.

4 addresses (click to see)
Mood Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 48, Norrmalm/City
Bryggerivägen 10, Bromma
Nacka Forum, Forumvägen 14, Nacka
Enhagsslingan 1A, Täby


Ballbreaker in Lindhagen is heaven for those who love exciting activities. Pool, car racing, bowling, darts, racing, and shuffleboard are just a few examples. And of course golf. During a round of golf here, the grass is always green, and with the world’s 40 best courses in a realistic simulator, you and your friends are guaranteed a fun experience.

Play tournaments, include golf in a triathlon or pentathlon or customize your own PGA Tour. Try match play, points bogey, skins, scramble, or regular training – the possibilities are endless. Great equipment helps you along the way, so there are three sets of golf clubs from Cobra at each golf simulator. And afterward, you’re close to food and drink to complete your golf-themed all-night event.

Lindhagensgatan 114, Kungsholmen
Indoor golf Stockholm
There are a lot of great golf simulators in Stockholm – Photo: Cristina Anne Costello – Unsplash

O’Learys Tolv Stockholm

Do you like activity centers with a wide range of fun things to do? Then O’Leary’s Twelve Stockholm is the place to be. In addition to the golf simulator, you can try mini golf, arcade games, baseball, pool, shooting simulator, mini curling, bowling, table tennis, karaoke, and more. So head for the Tele2 Arena if you’re eager to maximize the number of activities in one day.

Here are three GSX simulators from Sports Coach where you can choose between 40 different courses, practice your chip/putt, or hit from the driving range. To get a full grasp of your golfing skills, you can study, among other things, swing path, spin, and the speed of the club or ball after each shot.

If you’re a really dedicated golf enthusiast, you can also join Stockholm’s winter golf club. That allows you to play on O’Leary’s Twelve Stockholm’s fine golf simulators during the winter season (October to May). Free play all week, pegs, and a set of irons are just some of the perks.

Arenavägen 69, Johanneshov

Ullna Indoor Golf

Even if you are looking for a golf simulator in Stockholm, we recommend visiting Ullna Indoor Golf in Åkersberga, Scandinavia’s largest and most modern golf hall. With 5,000 square meters spread over three floors, they have created a paradise for all golf lovers.

60 tees with TopTracer screens, one of Europe’s most advanced golf studios with the latest technology (GEARS, 3D Swing Catalyst, TrackMan 4, and SAM’s Putting Lab), and modern technology chip and putt greens can make any golfer want to move in here. Did we mention that one of their putting greens has a stimpmeter of about 10.5 and is designed by Sweden’s best putting instructor Hans Olofsson?

Adjacent to the golf course, you can find a well-stocked golf shop, a large cafeteria, and conference facilities. If you want to get started golfing or need to hone your technique, there are also courses for all skill levels. So head to Ullna Indoor Golf and experience world-class golf. 25,000 brand new Callaway Practice golf balls are waiting for you.

Roslagsvägen 41, Åkersberga




Golfverkstan offers what the name says (at least almost): the opportunity to play golf whenever you want every day of the week. So if you can’t get enough of balls and clubs, this is the place to go. And if you’re a member, the opening hours are extra generous. In addition, it’s a golden location in the middle of Stockholm city – sneak in for lunch, practice long shots with the driver after work, or take a full day with your best golf buddies during the weekend.

At Golfverkstan, there are seven TrackMan simulators that you can book, the opportunity to borrow/rent clubs and shoes, a fully equipped club repair workshop if the grip needs to be reviewed, and a good selection of snacks non-alcoholic drinks.

Kammakargatan 19, Norrmalm/City
Golf simulators in Stockholm

Golfo Bromma

At Golfo, located in Stora Mossen in Bromma, there are two golf simulators that you can book per hour. It’s the perfect activity, whether you want to golf on your own or with friends or family. Learn the noble art of golf from the ground up or get in shape for next weekend’s competition. The opening hours are generous, to say the least: 06-23 every day all year round.
Sobelgränd 4, Bromma

Lidingö Indoor Golf

In a red barn on Lidingö, you’ll find Stockholm’s nicest indoor golf (at least according to themselves). With six state-of-the-art simulators with TrackMan 4, lessons, courses, tournaments, demo days, and other fun things, they’ve created a facility where both golf-hungry Lidingö residents and occasional visitors are happy to return to take their golf to new levels.
Kyttingevägen, Lidingö

Hope you find the right golf simulator in Stockholm

There you have our guide to golf simulators in Stockholm for those who want to keep their swing sharp and stay in top shape all year round. When ready for indoor golf, just pack your golf bag, find your favorite facility, and start hitting the ball. Have fun!

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