Glorious Holiday Meal at an Älta’s retreat

Hello my friends! How was your mini vacation? I’m sure you all have spent amazing times with your loved ones and got some time off work, which is always good and energizing. I myself spent my holidays working hard and making others happy with delicious food.
And even yesterday on my day off I continued doing so. Well, me and my friend Ann Mari. Remember that I talked about her in a previous post? Well, she runs a sort of boutique home spa, as I like to call it. “Ljuvligt Hos Mig” is in her own house in Älta, where she provides relaxing massages, facial treatments, health and products alike and even waxing. And I can assure you that she is one of the most caring persons and professionals I have ever met. You guys gotta pay her a visit. You’ll find out why soon…

So yesterday we met up for a quick but masterfully executed not so holiday-ish meal, where we both improvised the food and the cooking, a delicious Tequila and Aperol sour cocktails and even some desserts -a cinnamon bun to die for…
Honestly, the bun was already baked when I came, haha. Ann Mari bakes her own goodies herself and provides them for their guests. At her balcony you can fika, relax and simply enjoy life…

Our succulent meal consisted in a gigantic sour dough bread -which I bake at work-, bbq pulled pork, chipotle and cumin spiced chicken thighs, THE best guacamole you can possibly find in Stockholm -made by your favorite blogger, of course-, a sweet and sour crème fraîche and, surprise surprise, eggs. What an amazing and strange combination, huh?
I was already eating with my hands when she was taking the picture. I just couldn’t resist the smell and looks. I, by no means, want to sound cocky but it was just one of those meals you wish you had every single day.
The intensity of the chicken and its crispy skin, the refreshing and mellow crème fraîche, the delicious “guac”, the pork, the sexy and silky texture of running egg yolks -absolute “foodporn”- and bread, well because who doesn’t like bread…

Spiced chicken thighs being roasted slowly

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Best Guacamole in Stockholm

I suggest you all to cook like this. Get together with a friend, go to your food store, find the freshest products, get inspired and just start cooking. Trust me, you will have a great time while doing it, laughing with your friends, being together,appreciating these moments in life and being happy, which we truly forget to be sometimes.

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My style of food blogging

Hopefully I will get to see Ann Mari or another great friend soon and make this kind of magic happen, it makes me so happy, ’cause at the end of the day sharing is caring and eating, one of the best pleasures in life.
I hope you all have had a great comeback to your work life and I wish you a fantastic week.

Peace and love amigos!

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Fika at her balcony is literally heaven

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