Genuine Japanese steel in Odenplan

In the heart of Odenplan lies Japanese Knife Company, a company with a huge passion and knowledge about the history and art of Japanese steel and sharpening. Anyone who is serious about their cooking knows the importance of having the right tools in the kitchen to work with, the knife probably being the most important one. Having the right tools with you won’t just make cooking easier but also a whole lot more fun, and we all know that one of the best meals we have ever made has been while just having fun in the kitchen!

Run by Pigge Hall with a certificate from Seki City, Japan in sharpening, together with his childhood friend Niklas Ekelund their goal is to spread knowledge. By offering their expertise and services such as knife sharpening and exciting courses, you can take your knife sharpening skills to the next level! Every Wednesday you can attend a class where you get to learn how to by hand sharpen on whetstone, a thousand year old technique used by award winning restaurants around the world. Japanese Knife Company has trained several famous Swedish restaurants such as Grand Hotel, B.A.R. EAT and Gondolen to our friends in the UK and Gordon Ramsay’s own places.


However, If you just want to get yourself some incredible steel for the kitchen (or why not as a gift?) this is the place to go. With about two dozen of knife series on the website alone, as well as other kitchen tools and accessories, there is something here for everyone. The knives are so beautiful they are a work of art by themselves and will please the eyes of every foodie and chef out there!


The shop is located at
Upplandsgatan 57
113 28 Stockholm

You can also find their instagram page here

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