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From fine carpentry in Hemse on Gotland to concept store in central Stockholm. G.A.D is a meeting between true Gotlandian craftsmanship and Scandinavian design at its best.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

It was 20 years ago that Kristian Eriksson left Stockholm and the IT industry for a Gotland life and the dream of owning a furniture company. The goal was to make sustainable furniture of solid quality.

“I have always had a great interest in form and art. My parents went to Konstfack (Sweden’s largest university for arts, crafts, and design), it runs in the family,” says Kristian, designer, and founder of G.A.D.

Everything is locally produced in Sweden and has high quality. We’re unique in that way.

G.A.D stands for Gute Art & Design and has two stores. One is on Tegnérgatan 4, between Vasastan and Norrmalm, and here you can find the entire range of furniture, art, and interior decor. The other store is located on Hästgatan 10 in Visby on Gotland. Here you can find everything from bedding, children’s furnishings and crafts, as well as small-scale production of several Gotland businesses.

G.A.D cherishes the Swedish craft, with hand-picked products that are good for both body, soul, and environment. It’s their philosophy to be an authentic and honest company, an alternative to fast consumption and mass production.

“Everything is locally produced in Sweden and has high quality. We’re unique in that way,” says Kristian.

G.A.D Stockholm store

The furniture is manufactured in the joinery in Hemse on Gotland by skilled craftsmen. Everything is made from scratch and as with all crafts, it takes time to create a G.A.D piece of furniture. The process from raw wood to finished product is based on precision, material knowledge and creative joy. They work with high-quality wood such as birch and oak, combined with local natural materials – lambskin, limestone, glass, granite, and steel. This creates exciting material meetings that breathe Gotlandian soul and Scandinavian design. When the carpenter is finished, they sign the furniture and marks it with the date and serial number. In this way, all the furniture is traceable.

In addition to the regular furniture range, which is designed by Kristian himself, it’s possible to order custom-designed furniture based on the customer’s wishes. They have an extensive portfolio of furnishings for public environments ranging from hotels and restaurants to lounges, receptions, and offices.

G.A.D Stockholm furniture store

The strength of the G.A.D furniture is that it is a beautiful and sustainable piece that doesn’t take over the room. Simple design and functionality that works just as good in both present and future homes. The bench ‘Fårö’ is one of the most popular furniture and has been awarded the price ‘Excellent Swedish Form.’ The life span of the G.A.D furniture turns out to be as durable in its function as in its design. To quote G.A.D themselves; ‘Our story does not end here. It has just begun.’

Keep an eye on the website; sometimes there’ll be vernissages and happenings with special prices on selected furniture.

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