Frukost at Pom & Flora Café

Good afternoon my dear friends. It’s been awhile since I heard about you all, and viceversa, haha…
I hope this summer season is treating you all great. Sun is shinning almost every day and the vibes are the best. Yet another excuse to keep exploring new eateries or going back to those that you know will always deliver a superb experience.

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Cozy interior

Revered by local foodies and bloggers alike, Café Pom & Flora, located in the heart of Södermalm, is a cute so-very-Stockholm café that offers amazing breakfast and fika treats all day long (check their website for operation hours). You all know that I absolutely love the simplicity of bread, butter, egg and coffee. But, believe it or not, not everybody gets this right. Here, they have a few versions that, I guarantee, will leave you more than happy and satisfied.
Since I usually attempt to try as many items as possible from the menu, this time I was alone and couldn’t try all that I targeted, but I still managed to try more than what a regular person could eat, haha!
I love to eat! Simple as that. And it makes me happy when you find these types of places that provide honest, simple, fresh and top-quality ingredients to their customers.
You can smell the fresh coffee as soon as you walk in, the seasonal produce laying around in boxes (a good sign of  recent delivery), fruits, breads, pastries and a delicious etcetera list.

As you can see, I first ordered a refreshing grapefruit and ginger juice (42 sek), chia bowl (45 sek), avocado and egg on Danish raw brod (45 sek) and a capuccino (25 sek).
The juice was spot on, perfect combination and balance, specially with the ginger that, if not used properly, could turn into a disaster.
The chia bowl was absolutely delicious. I used to not have faith in chia as the ingredient by itself, as it represents, flavor-wise, nothing but a funny and trendy texture nowadays. But when you combine it with homemade granola and a sort of rhubarb jam or compote, the result is magnificent. I clearly remember almost screaming my typical “mmmmm” (the Latin onomatopoeia when you taste yummy food) and turning a few heads into my direction. This is precisely what I meant when the food here is simple, honest and delicious. What could seem as plain ingredients, when treated properly and in combination with seasonal products such as rhubarb, you can only obtain great food. Kudos to this great chia bowl.

breakfast, brunch, frukost, matblogg, foodblog, foodstyling, coffee, café

Superb frukost

Not much to say about my creamed avocado with boiled egg on Danish raw bread. Simplicity at its best! Absolutely delicious.
Just a friendly advice. Since it’s topped off with arugula and radishes, a moisturizing drizzle of olive oil would bring this dish to perfection.
And, of course, there is no breakfast without a coffee-based drink. Cappuccino is my favorite. But as you may remember from other reviews and foodie adventures, getting a cappuccino just right is not so easy as it may appear.
If the milk is overheated, the foam will not be what’s supposed to be: frothy, spongy, bubbly and a bit sweet. What happens is that the milk gets destroyed and no foam is created, thus becoming a poor version of a latte. You can easily recognize a great cappuccino when the cup is handed to you. If it doesn’t slightly burn both your hands and when you sip into it, it’s very likely that it’s a proper cappuccino.
Sadly, this one wasn’t. I hope they can check into this and perfect their milk steaming techniques.

And like I said, I eat more -way more to be completely honest- than a regular person. And even though I was almost full with this breakfast feast, I felt that I needed a bit more.
So I got one of the most basic items on their menu. Toasted bread, butter and egg. Sometimes I tend to be a bit high-maintenance so I kindly requested olive oil. What can I say… The perfect ending, I will let the photo speak for itself.

breakfast, brunch, frukost, matblogg, foodblog, foodstyling

Simplicity and perfection

Thank you very much to the staff at Pom & Flora Café, I’m sure I will be back as soon as possible.
And to you my friends, have a great Thursday and please keep recommending me new and old places where to eat great food here in Stockholm.
Enjoy the sunny days while we have them, ha det bra allihopa!

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