Food tour on Södermalm

Yesterday I went on a food tour with Food Tours Stockholm. A ”food tour” is a guided culinary promenade between restaurants, bars, cafés and specialty stores. Some examples of tour names are for example ”culinary Old Town”, ”Nordic experiences”, and ”cocktails, bubbles and delicacies”. At the stops you get to try delicious food and enjoy stories from enthusiastic chefs and bakers with a true passion for taste and high quality ingredients. Our guide Ludvig was very knowledgeable and made the tour very interesting with anecdotes from some of the places we passed and fun facts about the food.

We went on the tour called ”culinary Södermalm” where we got to try different food spots inthis part of town. We went to seven different places, among them was for example Ljunggren, StikkiNikki, Nytorget and Shanti Gossip.


We started with Restaurant China where we were introduced to flavours of the genuine Chinese cuisine. We were served cucumber with garlic mousse and buns with pork in beansauce, which was delicious! This is a restaurant I will definitely come back to 🙂


Chicken, beef and pork from the rotisserie at Nytorget 6.


When we stopped at Ljunggren we got a glass of ginger beer from Ginger Joe and two pieces of their delicious sushi. Their spicy tuna roll was really good! We also got to visit their new roof terrace which looked like the perfect place for summer evenings.

We finished the tour with some samples from StikkiNikki. I didn’t know that the ice cream here is made with milk instead of cream, which makes it really compact and flavoursome.

You can book your food tour at: . I can ensure you will have a very fun and interesting day!

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