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Getting a good night’s sleep is of course an important part of your visit to Stockholm – and you will not be disappointed with what Stockholm has to offer when it comes to hotels.

Last updated: March 27, 2023

In Stockholm, there are a large number of hotels that offer everything from top-class luxury rooms to cheap and pleasant accommodation. New hotels are constantly being built to keep up with demand, so you’re actually quite spoiled for choice, regardless of budget or preference.

Of course, budget is important when deciding where to settle during your visit to the city, but perhaps even more important is what you plan to do when you’re here. Do you want a centrally located accommodation, close to the major tourist attractions, mingle with hipsters, or do you prefer old-fashioned charm?

A good thing to know about Stockholm: Although some parts of the city offer more attractions than others, virtually every corner of our beautiful capital has something special to offer. Here is a brief overview of the most important areas of the city and what they can add to your stay in the city.



The Central Station is in the heart of the city and lots of good hotels can be found in the surrounding area. The location is also convenient because from here you can easily get around Stockholm whenever you want, to discover new corners of the city. It is also here you find tourist information, can to buy tickets and find service-minded staff that can guide you. So if good communications are important, this is your area. The hotels are generally of high quality, with a modern atmosphere and design.

Here you will find our guide to some of the best hotels in the city.



Do you like bearded hipsters and prefer a more bohemian atmosphere? Then you should check out the hotel in Södermalm. Here you will find fantastic shops and restaurants, as well as charming streets to explore and scenic walkways along the water. One of Stockholm’s newest and most appreciated museums, Fotografiska, is also located on Söder, on Stadsgården, near Slussen. From Slussen you can walk over Guldbron to Gamla Stan where you’ll find the ferries to Djurgården and Skeppsholmen. Fifteen minutes by boat, and you end up in the middle of some of Stockholm’s main attractions (Abba Museum, anyone?). Regarding hotels, you will find everything from fancy luxury to quaint hostels tucked away on side streets.

Best place to stay in Stockholm
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Gamla stan

Old-fashioned charm and lots of history can be found in the Old Town. The city between the bridges, as it is also called, is, of course, a must for tourists, but is also loved by Stockholmers. The small cobbled alleys are lined with shops, cafes and restaurants. Here you will find the Royal Palace, the Armory, the Nobel Prize Museum, and much more. In addition, it is within walking distance both to Södermalm and to the City from here. The hotels are quite small, often with a long history and a large dose of charm.
Here’s your guide to some of the best hotels in the Old Town.



The parts of town located north of the city are called Vasastan. The area is full of residential buildings but also packed with good restaurants, pubs, personal shops and nice parks, and it is only a short walk or metro ride from the more centrally located areas of the city. The hotels are not quite as frequent in this district, but they fulfill their function well and the prices are usually at a reasonable level.



Kungsholmen is an island that stretches from Stadshuset (City Hall) in the east, all the way to Hornsbergsstrand in the west, surrounded by the sparkling waters of Lake Mälaren. Here you’ll find townhouses, shops, restaurants, historic buildings (Stockholm Court House is also located here) and large green areas, such as Rålambshovsparken. Many of the large chains, such as Marriott, Clarion and Best Western, have hotels on Kungsholmen.


Outside town

Perhaps, you are not at all looking for an urban environment but would prefer a hotel in the archipelago or the countryside? No problem, there are many wonderful hotels outside the city limits. When you stay a little further out, you can take the opportunity to choose a hotel with a spa, golf course, water sports, or scenic surroundings. Many also feature restaurants that specialize in food with ingredients from local producers. For those looking for a wedding or conference venue, there is also plenty to choose from outside customs.
See our guide to some of the best hotels outside Stockholm here!

The best fine pizza in Stockholm

Find your favorite area – and the perfect hotel – for your stay in Stockholm

Now we hope you have a good overview of the different areas of hotels in Stockholm. Check the location when you book your accommodation and choose a hotel that suits your needs and wishes! Stockholm is a nice city for those who like to walk, and it also has excellent public transport, so no matter where you stay you will have any problems getting to the places you want to visit.

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