Few materials are so beautiful, durable and full of opportunities as calfskin and leather, and in if you are in Stockholm and looking for stylish accessories in these materials, for the modern man and woman with high standards of style and quality, there is no better place than Nyström Stockholm in Vasastan.

In the nice store on Dalagatan you will find weekend bags, briefcases, computer bags, iPad cases, purses, card holders, earphone holders, passport cases, travel sets, bicycle accessories, and and even a small chair for children, which could also be found in the room of the Swedish Princess Estelle at Haga Palace. Most products are available in several models and colors. The shop offers a more or less fixed range of the company’s big sellers, but news are often launched by the resourceful team that have a passion for developing innovative products in leather material.

Nyström Stockholm

At Nyström Stockholm they strive to conduct the Swedish craftsmanship and Scandinavian design tradition with simple lines and timeless design. They are generous with material in the production, and the goal is always to produce products that are not only stylish, but also smart and useful. Most of the carefully selected material comes from Italy, known as the home of leather, but also from Sweden.

Hand made products next door

All products are manufactured by hand in the 500 m2 factory, which is located next door to the shop. Here leather products has been made since 1991 and today the company has three employees with extensive knowledge and long experience. In other words the manufacturer of your new bag (or whatever you have invested in) is only a stone’s throw away, so just stop by and say hello. And that’s something we recommend if you have a spare moment.

Nyström Stockholm factory

When you enter the factory you are greeted by a lovely leather smell. This fragrance, combined with the factory’s authentic decor and solid machines, create a feeling of taking a trip back to the times when most things were made by hand. Everything feels very authentic and indicates real handcraft.

In the same room there is also a cardboard factory, Norrmalms Kartongfabrik, which Nyström Stockholm has taken over. The historic factory, which turned 100 years old in 2016, primarily manufactures fine cardboard boxes, packages and branded boxes in both small and large series – all based on customer requests. The products are also exported, to New York and Tokyo among others, and the clients include Adidas and the Swedish Royal Palace.

Where: Dalagatan 52
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Sponsored article in collaboration with Nyström Stockholm.