Fika in Gamla Stan

Hello my friends, I hope you are all having a great week just like me.
The weather has been very generous with us lately, sunny every day, the whole day, a true paradise…

So, when in Sweden and specially this time of the year when we can actually sit outdoors and not freeze, you must Fika.
Fika is probably what I love the most about this country. I get so happy even when I just hear the word, haha. And when a friend suggests it, I start jumping of joy. It is so comforting and rewarding. Think about it! Coffee and a pastry, period. Does life get any better than that?
If you think it sounds too simple then you haven’t tried the coffee nor the pastries here in Sweden. They are amazing, literally to die for -in most of the cases of course.

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Fika Breakfast

Stockholm is that kind of city where you can easily stroll around for an entire day hopping from one café to the other. Sipping on the dark and freshly brewed coffee and eating the many pastry varieties that they have. Among my favorites are the rolls, or bulle as we say here. Both cinnamon and cardamom versions are beyond-words delicious! I have tried many of these pastries in other parts of the world but the Swedes have mastered the technique.
Fresh and quality ingredients and old times technique add up to a great product. Oooh fika…

So when you fika, you can either go to the salty or sweet side, or both if you eat like me…
This time I tried an institution in the Fika and café scene in Stockholm, Fabrique. They have several locations throughout the city, but I believe the one in Gamla Stan is the most iconic one.
The scenery is just perfect, it actually is as Swedish as it gets. When you enter the shop you will immediately fall in love with the smell of their baked goods and the coffee being brewed or capuccinos being on the making. I just love it! Taking a pause from life and enjoying yourself is priceless, you should at least fika once a day, joking aside.
You will become happier afterwards and recharged with energy to keep living daily life, that can be stressful and monotonous from time to time.

Just look at my photos and fall in love. Enjoy, appreciate life and go fika…
Today, tomorrow and always.

I wish you a fantastic Wednesday night full of great coffee and cardamom rolls…

Coffee, bulle, capuccino, fika, café, Foodblog, Matblogg, Foodstyling, Stockholm, Gamla Stan

Fika is love and life


Coffee, sandwich, pastries, fika, café, Foodblog, Matblogg, Foodstyling, Stockholm, Gamla Stan

Fika treats…

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