Fall fika at Gamla Orangeriet

Gamla Orangeriet Jillian Mascarenhas

Seeking out cozy, out-of-the-way places for an autumnal fika seems to be a mission I set for myself each year. This fall’s find was Gamla Orangeriet on the grounds of the Bergianska Organic Garden, which sits right on Brunnsviken, an inlet of the Baltic Sea.

On the walk across the garden and courtyard to the orangery, I took in as much fall foliage fantastic-ness as possible during my release from pregnancy-pain-induced-confinement, all the while looking beyond the courtyard to where a mossy, pine-y forest stood just waiting for someone to wander through.

The skies were gray, but the colors were blazing, and the breeze smelled smoky and woodsy, just as it should this time of year. After a bit of fresh air we ambled in to the warm confines of the all-white orangery, straight to the organic cafe and ordered a coffee for R and a nut bread for each of us.

Gamla Orangeriet Jillian Mascarenhas Gamla Orangeriet Jillian MascarenhasGamla Orangeriet Jillian MascarenhasGamla Orangeriet Jillian Mascarenhas

One slice from the walnut banana loaf for him and one from the the salted almond and hazelnut one for me (although I didn’t realize it was also topped with salt-encrusted almonds, so keep that in mind if you order it, especially if your first bite is a big one, and the only thing around to wash it down with is coffee…which is not pleasant).

Both our slices were deliciously nutty (after my salted nut topping was brushed off) and sitting amidst all the bright white furniture and furry gray bench cushions, before big windows and under very soft lighting, we settled in for our fika—which didn’t last long, as within a few minutes we’d both already finished our treats.

So we grabbed a few books from the shelves for R to page through while I pulled out my knitting and contemplated ordering something else.
Gamla Orangeriet Jillian Mascarenhas Gamla Orangeriet Jillian Mascarenhas Gamla Orangeriet Jillian Mascarenhas
While the orangery made for a nice afternoon break, I’d love to go back in the spring and see it when there should be more greenery inside—only a few plants brightened up the interior of the café, which I was surprised by, as the greenhouse next door (sans café) was bursting with plants and flowers.

I suppose you could say that the view outside made up for the lack of color inside, though.

Gamla Orangeriet Jillian Mascarenhas

All photographs by Jillian Mascarenhas.

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