How to feel at home with Swefika when you are far away

I am a true traveljunkie. I travel at least 6 times a year, mostly more often, I take any chance to travel that I can and at the moment I am in a small mountain village called Pushkar in Rajastan, India.

A lovely little town, that I can’t wait to explore after the long car ride to get here from Delhi. I spent two days in Delhi and I hope I never have to go back there, ever. The pollution was beyond horrible, the traffic was crazy and it was just very dirty and hectic and super crowded, kind of like I expected. I usually always feel like I am not finished with a place when I leave and that I want to come back at some point,but I am very sure that I never want to go back to Delhi, it was way too busy for a nature loving girl like me.

What made those 2 days barable was that I at least had packed my pack of Swedish fika filled with swedish chocolate bolls and “vacuumers” a traditional Swedish fika bread. It helped me survive the long flights and to feel a little bit at home in a city like Delhi where I felt anything but home. So big thanks Swefika for making it possible to feel at home even when I travel to places that makes me feel so far away from home. From now on I will make sure to always pack at least 1 package of swefika when I travel.


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