Favorite burger spots

Is there a better comfort food then a really good burger? A good burger for me is all about the complete picture. The bread should be toasted, and not get soggy. The patty is the most important part and should be crispy on the outside and pink in the middle. On my burger I like classic condiments like onion, tomato and lettuce cut in thin slices so you get all the different textures in every single bite. Down below you have my favorite burger joints around town.

1. Flippin Burgers
No surprises here, the ever so hyped Flippin Burgers continues to deliver amazing burgers. Always cooked to perfection, Flippin has mastered the art of burgers. Their meat is hand grinded and bread freshly baked every day for the ultimate combination and perfect meat to bun ratio. Their burgers are simple but yet so delicious. The hype is truly deserved and you should really get here in time to avoid queue!

Flippin Burgers

2. Oljebaren
This rustic place serves a burger of the highest quality. What really stood out with this restaurant is the presentation and the taste of the whole meal. The bread is baked in-house and meat freshly ground. It gives the burger a really homemade feeling. The fries are triple fried to give it the ultimate crisp. An amazing meal all in all!

3. Barrels Burgers and Beers
Located in Gamla Stan Barrels offers great burgers accompanied with a wide selection of beers. The burgers are cooked medium-well and taste amazing. Every month they have a new exciting burger on the menu for you to try. For dessert, you should really try the apple pie burger, it’s to die for!


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