Family sleepover at The Winery Hotel

The Winery Hotel Stockholm Jillian Mascarenhas

Apart from a night at a gorgeous hotel in Sicily after our second wedding ceremony (the first was in the U.S.), we’ve never stayed at a hotel in our “home” city—there never seemed to be the right opportunity or need. Until now, thanks to The Winery Hotel, an “urban winery and boutique hotel” in Solna, a northern neighborhood of Stockholm.

With the promise of a hotel stay, you might think that we’d opt to go alone, but we’ve never really ever been away from RF (and aren’t quite ready to start now), so we planned our family sleepover for a Sunday night before the start of a busy week so we could have some extra time together.

When we made the arrangements with The Winery Hotel, they kindly inquired as to whether we’d like a crib set up in our room, but we opted to go without, as we’re all too accustomed to sharing our sleeping space with the baby. We were booked into a Standard room (20 square meters with an 180 cm bed) and it was a good thing that we chose not to have a crib waiting for us, as the extra cozy bed took up the majority of the room. Had we been travelling alone or with a non-mobile baby, that would have been fine, but with a toddling, curious, must-pull-everything-off-of-every-surface little boy, it was a little tight.

Luckily, being a Sunday evening, the hotel was quite quiet, so we took advantage of our freedom to let RF wander (mostly) uninhibited and spent the evening enjoying the sun and the view from the roof terrace, followed by a drink in the stylish lobby.

The Winery Hotel Stockholm Jillian Mascarenhas The Winery Hotel Stockholm Jillian MascarenhasThe Winery Hotel Stockholm Jillian Mascarenhas The Winery Hotel Stockholm Jillian Mascarenhas The Winery Hotel Stockholm Jillian Mascarenhas The Winery Hotel Stockholm Jillian Mascarenhas

Located overlooking the junction of the E18 and E4 highways (and the scenic Brunnsviken bay), the views from the rooftop terrace were perfect fodder for a child obsessed with all manner of automobile, and he gleefully called out his version of each one’s name while we sat momentarily relaxing with our faces turned towards the sun.

I’d love to come back and see what it’s like when guests are mingling near the bar or enjoying the pool, although being the only ones up there was a much-appreciated experience, too.

Once it began to get a bit chilly we headed in and downstairs to the lobby, where R ordered a drink from the bar and I made use of the Vinkort, the wine card that’s included with the booking of a Standard room. It’s pre-loaded with 70 SEK and can be used to try out one of the wines from Vinoteket, the automated wine bar.

The Winery Hotel Stockholm Jillian MascarenhasThe Winery Hotel Stockholm Jillian Mascarenhas

Once we were settled in the rustically-elegant lobby, we realized that we could only entertain RF with the powder blue Fiat and distract him from “rearranging” the decorative pebbles in the planters for so long, so our drinks were a bit hurried and we soon retreated to our room and got ready for bed.

The room doesn’t have a bathtub, but luckily for us, RF is used to a nightly shower and he splashed around under the spray as he usually does before climbing into the comfy bed to tumble around with the plush pillows and duvet.

While he bounced around, I indulged in my favorite aspect of the room: the Cypress shampoo, conditioner and body cream from Terreno, The Winery Hotel’s vineyard in Tuscany. I’ve never smelled anything quite like it—fresh and woodsy and neither too masculine nor feminine.

After we turned off the lights, and more bouncing around with the oversized pillows ensued, we (eventually) all fell asleep.

The next morning we enjoyed a hearty breakfast in The Winery Kitchen, a restaurant that somehow perfectly marries cool, minimalist Scandinavian style, with warm, Tribeca’ish industrial vibes. Breakfast is served buffet style, with everything beautifully presented and enough variety to make a delicious meal for two adults with differing breakfast styles and a toddler who will eat anything as long as he can feed himself.
The Winery Hotel Stockholm The Winery Hotel Stockholm The Winery Hotel Stockholm

For out-of-towners visiting Stockholm, The Winery Hotel seems like it would be a great spot for the first or last night of a trip, as it’s comfortable and makes for a much easier drive to the airport than leaving from a more central location—but more than that, it’s an experience of its very own, with the on-grounds winery to visit and scenic places around the hotel to relax and enjoy a glass or two.

Friends and family here in Stockholm that have spent a night at The Winery Hotel had all said what a relaxing time they had, and with those pretty views over the water, the delicious food and chic ambiance (and luxurious bath products), I can understand why. Visiting on a quiet Sunday evening in early spring, I don’t think we got a true feeling for the hotel’s vibe, but that just means we’ll have to return soon for another family getaway.

Hotel room interior and dining room shots by View Stockholm, all other photos by Jillian Mascarenhas.

The Winery Hotel
Rosenborgsgatan 20
169 74 Solna
08-14 60 00

*Our stay, including our breakfast (but not including our lobby bar drinks and on-site parking, which we covered), was provided by The Winery Hotel.

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