Failed fika excursion to Kafé Esaias

Good afternoon my friends. Just a couple of hours ago I was in Kafé Esaias having a fika that turned out to be a complete fail. On a day off after many many weeks of hard work I decided to visit this place after having read so many positive comments about it. Sadly, it was the complete opposite of what I was expecting.

Previous to my visit, I read on their Facebook page, that hasn’t been updated since September the 20th, that new owners were taking over. First semi negative vibes hit me as reading this, since I have seen many successful restaurants and cafés not being as good as they used to be after changing owners.
Nonetheless, I kept my hopes up and hopped on the train towards the city. What a damn dark day huh?

Walking on Drottninggatan my spirit was lifted because of all the Christmas decorations. And, when arriving and from the outside, that cute couple looked pleasant with their fika. And, let’s face it, the place looked awesome. A typical cool coffee bar. But that was it…

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As soon as I walked in my foodie radar detected a soul-less place with just a few customers enjoying their sips of coffee. Why do I say soul-less? I am not being mean, just honest to what I believe and know. Pop in to other of the renowned coffee bars in Stockholm -and anywhere in the world- and the first thing that will strike and surprise you is the aroma of freshly ground coffee. Period.
Kafé Esaias smelled like a typical and modest café, with pre-packed sandwiches and juices, yoghurt and granola cups that I could swear one finds at a gas station or at any convenience store chain. Sad, very sad.

Positive and hopeful as I always am, I decided to stay and give the place a chance. I order a cappuccino, a spinach soup and a saffron bun while scanning around to find a good spot for my photo. The dim lights make it really difficult for me, so I settle on the dark brown tables that brought down my mood yet a tad more.

The food arrives after less than 5 minutes and now I know for sure that it’s gonna be a bad experience.
If you look at the color of the soup you can immediately tell it’s not properly prepared. What else do I need to state about a dead-looking soup?
Nothing, I ate just a bit ’cause I was incredibly hungry.
The coffee was mediocre, as tough as it may sound. I could hear the staff steaming the milk and know by that sound the result wasn’t going to be optimal.
The bun was, well, ok. I mean, it’s flour, sugar, fat and saffron; kind of hard to mess up.

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Disappointed and sad I go up to the counter to tell about my experience to, apparently, the person in charge of the café. I waited for 3 people to place their order and walk away, in order to be as discrete as possible.
I explained her my point and with a nice attitude -very admirable to me- she tells me that she is sorry it wasn’t of my satisfaction. I ask a bit more about the soup and its unappealing color and she explains that they already receive the spinach with that color, frozen!
Now it all makes sense, right? What else is there to say about a leaf soup made with frozen leaves?
She adds to her argument that that soup is a very Swedish spinach soup, therefore the color. Is that true?
Please clear that up for me!

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She offers to give me my money back and I decline, on purpose, to see if she insisted and gave it anyway. She offered to make me a new coffee or fix another meal, but I am full after eating the bun and mediocre coffee.
At the end, I didn’t get my money back (I didn’t ask again either, but if it had been the other way around I would have given it back no matter what) and she apologized for the situation.

Now, with a better mood and drinking a delicious cappuccino at “Il Caffé”, I just want to say that I hope they read this and change for the better.
I also hope that my honest words are not interpreted as malicious.

Thanks for reading me amigos, you all have a great evening 🙂

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