Extending summer with Greek vibes and food at cozy Esperia

This summer is really starting to come to an end and the air is getting fresh and cooler, well needed after this amazing but very humid and hot summer in Stockholm. Even though I kind of like the colorful autumn, I’m not quite ready to let go of summer, so Thursday night I decided to add some more Greek memories to this summer.

I took my friend to Esperia, a beautiful and cozy Greek restaurant just a few minutes walking from Slussen. On the quiet street Sankt Paulsgatan where you will find Esperia, I could relive some of this summer’s memories from Naxos, the music, the food and the vibe made me feel like I was back at the beautiful little island Naxos that I visited this summer. Not only did I had a lovely evening with my friend visiting from Gothenburg but I also had the most delicious vegetarian Moussaka I’ve ever tasted. The staff at Esperia are very service minded and make you feel very welcomed and make sure that you are satisfied during your visit.

They have a broad variety of amazing Greek food and I wanted to have everything on their menu. The food is high quality authentic Greek dishes and I know what I’m talking about since I spent every summer in Greece as a child, visiting my relatives. So if you like Greek food but also want a bit of luxery, Esperia is definitely a restaurant you must try. Also, their interior is really beautiful and I can see myself spending many cozy evenings there enjoing their menu this winter.





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