Exit Games

The Exit Games was a totally new experience for me. I have never done anything like it before but it was so much fun! This experience is perfect for families, friends or co-workers to go and do together and is a really effective team bonding experience.
We did the Viking experience. The idea was that we found ourselves in a tomb after dying in battle. The tomb is very small and very boring, but there is a way out! Once you find your way out to Valhalla (heaven, I think) you will achieve eternal life and party forever. The downside is… if you don’t find your way to Valhalla, then the evil God will take you to hell instead. You have 60 minutes to find your way to heaven. And during the experience you get quite familiar with the ancient Scandinavian heritage!
Now, I wont give too much away about the task itself, because I don’t want to ruin it for you should you choose to go for yourself. But i’ll give you the jist of it. You are locked in a room (not actually locked, if you need to leave to go to the bathroom then you may absolutely do that) and you have to find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes in order to unlock padlocks to get more clues and do more puzzles until you get to the end. You’re on a timer and the whole experience lasts 60 minutes maximum (some people don’t even get to the end in 60 minutes – and we only finished by the skin of our teeth).
It doesn’t sound like everybody’s cup of tea… and I’ll admit – I didn’t think it was mine. But I absolutely loved it and I’m already looking forward to going back with my friends and doing another one. The feeling of accomplishment we felt when we cracked a code was sooo good and it left us all on a total high! And working together and learning about the way other peoples minds work was also quite interesting for me.
So I would recommend this experience – its suitable for children and should be played with 2-6 people. But the more the merrier! The more brains in there, the better!

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