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As it is known, everyone has their own opinion, taste, interests, and preferences. Some like to go to museums, discover ancient monuments, even in the most forgotten corners of the country, admire the beauty of the church architecture and immerse in history; others like shopping, to walk in the most fashionable areas of the city and drink expensive cocktails in trendy restaurants, overlooking the Royal Palace. These are the most common categories of tourists. But there is also the third type – activists: those who can not sit still, being in a permanent search of new adventures and emotions. Today I’d like to deduct my article to them.

For the past few years, quests (games) in the style of “get out of the room on time” have gained enormous popularity and only continue to grow. From time to time, you can meet different names: Exit Games, Escape Room, Escape, Runaway, etc., but the principle is always the same – you are locked in a room full of secrets and mysteries, and you have only 60 minutes to get out of it. The countdown starts from the moment you enter the room, and the door is locked behind you. From now on, you have to work cohesively with your team (usually consisting 2-6 people) to put all puzzles together and reach the cherished clues, which will lead you to the solution of the quest. It is not only fun and entertaining but also very intellectual. People shouldn’t worry that someone is not smart enough to find all the answers and codes because all of these games are designed for different kind of individuals. For example, someone will be able to solve one type of tasks (say, something to do with the numbers or letters), and the other will be more careful and attentive to bring the ball out of the tangled maze or notice a hidden button that will lead to the next clue. That is why you are encouraged to get out of the room with friends, colleagues or family because two (and more) heads are always better than one.

Each of these rooms usually has its own theme, such as the invasion of zombies, escape from a prison cell, the riddle of Leonardo da Vinci, run away from the CIA, the crossing from hell to heaven with the gods of Scandinavian mythology, and so on. There is probably hundreds or even thousands of such quests all over the world, and Stockholm did not stay away from this popular and exciting type of activities either.

One of them is located in the heart of the Swedish capital – on the street, Västerlånggatan 42 in Gamla Stan, called EXIT GAMES. Last week, sitting in the waiting room of this company, in anticipation of my game, I saw a group of tourists (three people of different ages, perhaps from somewhere in Latin America), who came to reception and asked if there are any free rooms to play. Travellers explained that they are passionate fans of exit games, and are trying to find these quests in every single land they visit. Frankly, for me it was a gimmick – I have experienced people collecting souvenirs, mugs, plates, T-shirts, dolls and even tattoos from different countries, but that they were assembling games was something new for me. But I came to the indescribable delight thinking about it, and now I hasten to share it with you too – why not collect experiences?! 🙂

You can find EXIT GAMES in the basement of one of the oldest buildings in Gamla Stan, which creates the right mood and mystery since the threshold. You can choose from a number of games: Valhalla (the journey mentioned above to an afterlife world with Scandinavian gods), Crazy Grandma, The Cell, Mission Undercover and The Collector.

I played two of them, but, alas, I can not tell you what was inside, to not to spoil the surprise. I surely recommend you to try it too if you will have a free hour in Stockholm!


Address: Västerlånggatan 42, Stockholm (subway Gamla Stan)
Phone: +46 8 23 23 13 / +46 735 22 45 05
Email: booking@exitgames.se
Open daily 10-21
(Some games start earlier and end later)
2 people: 750 SEK (375 SEK per person)
3-4 people: 850 SEK (283-212 SEK per person)
5 people: 950 SEK (190 SEK per person)
6 persons: 1050 SEK (175 SEK per person)
Cell: 550 SEK (for two)
Official website: http://exitgames.se

If you are interested in the subject of this article, I will tell you about more options concerning “exit games” theme in the following posts.

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