Have you ever been in love? 

Have you felt that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart? You feel extremely nervous, but at the same time you feel like you just drank one thousand cups of coffee and you just can not stop looking like the cutest little emoji?  pokemon cuteYeah, that very feeling. In my case, for the first time in my life, I felt it towards something not someone. It was in June 2009, I still remember. I just wanted to learn a new language because I thought, why not? It might be fun and I was pretty bored at the time (I actually just got dumped so I looked for a serious distraction. Considering that fact, I’m surprised that I didn’t choose Mandarin, haha). Anyways, for some reason I decided on Japanese. I still remember when I picked up ”Japanese for young people”.jfypI swept through the chart of the Japanese alphabet. I learned how to read and write the first letter ”a”, and then suddenly, that warm fuzzy feeling spread across my chest again.
hiragana                                                        Lucky Star Hiragana chart. Motivation check!

What is this? Am I thinking of my ex again? 
No, it’s just something else. I mean sure, I love learning new things, but I don’t normally feel this happy about it. I continued and suddenly, my world was all about the Japanese language. I was at a Kung fu camp at the moment and rather than learning how to move like a squirrel, I chose to learn how to write the character for squirrel in Japanese. 栗鼠
I didn’t feel that I was studying though, it just felt right and very natural for me (even though natural is an extremely overused and arbitrary term that I don’t want to use, it’s the only word I can think of to describes this feeling). I think you would call this a passion.
 Just to hear the very stereotypical Japanese voice on the CD to the book made my heart take leaps. I don’t know why, it is probably the most illogical thing that has ever happened to me. Trying to figure out why Japanese is so awesome is like figuring out why you are in love with your partner. Who knows? That’s just how it is and it makes you very happy. Hearing it, speaking it, writing it, reading it, it is like a drug for me. I just want to be around it.v_shabekuri20120507_05            A picture of “Shabbekuri 7”. You enter a whole new world of humor! Watch it to understand 😉

For those of you who live in Stockholm and feel that you might love Japanese, do you want to understand that favorite anime or finally read that manga? Or how about learning about a place where everything is the opposite from what you are used to?

In Stockholm we have
And of course Stockholm University for those who wish to study Japanese.

We also have a Japanese society in Stockholm. Maybe you want to join their autumn party in September?
And finally the Japanese embassy is located in Stockholm so if you live here, you really don’t have any excuse to not study Japanese. There are tons of activities, lectures, and chances for exchanges to Japan here in Stockholm. And organizations like Gogonihon help you with everything for free (I really mean everything!), if you decide to go to Japan.

gif               Japan is like the internet sometimes. Lovely but some things doesn’t make any sense at all!

If you have any questions about Japanese in Stockholm (or in Sweden), hit me up on twitter or Instagram! I would be very happy to help.

Until next time ^_^



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