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– high-quality and sustainable skin and body care products for the hotel market
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Comfortable beds, good location, and delicious breakfast are all very well, but for a good hotel experience, it’s just as much about the details. Like the bathroom products. Emha Cosmetics is a Stockholm-based brand that offers high-quality and sustainable skin and hair care products to the hotel market. Their offer includes everything a hotel guest could wish for – soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and hand sanitizer. The products also come with the hotel’s own logo if desired.
Last updated: June 13, 2022
Emha Cosmetics, which entered the market in 2019, is a series of natural and high-quality products for your skin, body, hair, and face. The products have been developed to offer the hotel market high-quality products that are 100 percent vegan, highly organic, and made according to the rulebook with sustainability and environment in focus. Here you get products with lovely scents inspired by Scandinavian nature, stylish design, and the highest quality, but still at a really good price. An unbeatable combination.

Bathroom products are an important part of the feeling and experience for hotel guests, and Emha Cosmetics allows hotels to offer their guests first-class products. Also, the hotel may have its own logo on the packaging. It creates the exclusive feeling of your own brand without the hotels having to invest in design, production, logistics, and everything else that comes with private brands. Simple, cost-effective, and an excellent way for hotels to create an exclusive impression on guests and stand out from the competition. In addition to offering the products in hotel rooms and public areas, hotels can also sell them in the hotel shop.

Emha Cosmetics skin care for hotels
One of Emha Cosmetics’ most important core values is sustainability and the environment. These are also issues that are high on many hotels’ agendas today. For hotels that want to work with sustainability and reduce their climate footprint as much as possible, Emha Cosmetics is a natural choice. Besides the environmentally-conscious content, the products are only available in normal-sized packaging that several guests can use. In other words, no unnecessary waste of small bottles that must be thrown away after each guest.

You can tell that the products are timely, and the brand is growing more and more. A good reputation spreads quickly, and many hotels throughout Sweden have already realized the benefits of the concept. In Stockholm, you can find the products at the Mornington Hotel, The Winery Hotel, NOFO Hotel, and several others.

Emha Cosmetics body care for hotels
The company behind Emha Cosmetics is called Hotel Interior and started at the end of 2018. It’s run by Fredrik Gyllenberg and Hans Gahnström, who have several decades of experience in the hotel industry. Today, the company is a total supplier of hotel-adapted products and services of top quality. They offer everything a hotel could possibly need in their interior, regardless of its size and price range. Beds, covers, pillows, bedding, bathroom interior, to name a few examples. And as said, high-quality skin and body care.

Today, the company’s portfolio includes many strong brands, including the dealership for the world-famous and exclusive L’Occitane. Other well-known brands are Jensen Sängar, Carpe Diem, Philips, Dometic, Brabantia, Kimberly-Clark, and Heute.

For Hotel Interior, it’s primarily the personal relationship and the meeting that matters. They act as responsive advisors and strive to find the best products for each hotel in terms of quality, economy, and environment. To create the ultimate guest experience, the starting point is always a detailed needs analysis. In combination with the company’s long experience, creativity, ability to innovate, and large network, hotels can be sure of getting the absolute best the market has to offer.

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