Education in Meat at Stockholm's Vassa Eggen

- a great opportunity to enjoy meat at its best

Located in the heart of Stockholm, Vassa Eggen has been called one of Sweden’s best restaurants, both in terms of food and service. In addition there’s an excellent bar with knowledgeable bartenders who really know how to mix a drink. The environment is trendy, relaxed, and full of energy. It’s the kind of place where it’s  hard not to have a good time.

Initially Vassa Eggen focused on tasting menus, but nowadays they’re a top-notch steak house. Here you can enjoy well-cooked barbecue dishes made with the finest ingredients. It’s simply heaven for the meat lover.

Between November 14 and 26, 2016, the restaurant takes it a step further by introducing ‘Education in Meat’ on the menu. Their former meat schools have been successes and regulars have requested a comeback for the the concept. Now it’s time.

Vassa Eggen Education in meat

Vassa Eggen’s ‘Education in Meat’ is a unique opportunity to taste entrecote from four different animals during one dinner

It’s a unique opportunity for you to taste entrecote from four different animals during one dinner, and to experience all the interesting differences in meat. Wild or young animal, hung tenderized or not – meat is a science, and now you have the chance to learn more.

‘Teacher’ of the meat school is Niklas Odin, meat specialist and chef at Vassa Eggen. He will be present in the dining room during this period to present the menu and answer your questions.

On the menu you’ll find bison, elk, veal and ‘black market’ entrecote. Black market is a special selection of extra fine steaks selected at slaughter. And since only animals that meet certain requirements receive this classification, you can’t predict the amount of meat in advance.

Vassa Eggen meat

In total you get nearly 450 grams of meat, and it’s accompanied by several culinary delicacies that enhance the experience even further. The price is SEK 795, and note that all members of your party have to order the menu. Those of you who wish may also end the meal with a delicious dessert in the form of mango, passion fruit, coconut cream, coconut marshmallows and coconut crisp. The price is then SEK 915.

View Stockholm can assure you that the menu tastes incredibly good, and you are guaranteed to be full. So don’t miss your chance for an amazing taste experience – while improving your meat knowledge at the same time. Book a table at Vassa Eggen today!

Vassa Eggen Stockholm steak

Sponsored article in collaboration with Vassa Eggen.

Photo credit: Vassa Eggen

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