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Eddy Vargas is the chef who lives for Ceviche, taste innovations, and happy guests. He also knows the perfect recipe for impressing your date!
Last updated: September 22, 2018
Already as a little boy, I was fascinated by cooking, I started helping my mom and grandmother in the kitchen, and I quickly realized that this was my thing. After my studies, I continued to study gastronomy in Lima, Peru. Shortly after that, my cousin offered me the chance to come to Stockholm to pursue my career.

Chef Eddy Vargas, 30 years old, was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Otherwise, he’s living and working in Stockholm, but right now he is in Ibague, Colombia where he is preparing to open a Peruvian restaurant. It will be called Pachas and serve various variations of Ceviche – Peru’s recognized national dish consisting of a lime-marinated white fish, and according to Eddy ‘The best meal in the world.’ The theme continues in liquid form; the bar will serve drinks based on Pisco, a Peruvian spirit made from distilled wine.

Eddy Vargas
“Many things inspire me,” says Eddy. “It can be anything from music, travel, landscape, love, joy, and pain. “I can get inspiration from a luxurious restaurant as well as street food. There are no limits.”

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, getting to know new cultures, enjoying nature and cooking seafood, as well as eating a good meal. Interest that clearly goes hand in hand with the love for food and cuisine innovation.

“The best thing about being a chef is the direct satisfaction of clean plates and happy guests,” says Eddy. “You can quickly see if you’ve done a good or bad job, but that’s also the challenge. The chef profession is gratifying; you meet different people all the time who end up being near and dear. At the same time, it’s a lot of fun; you travel a lot in search of renewing and strengthening your knowledge. Everything from new cooking techniques to old recipes that have been around for many years”, says Eddy.

Eddy Vargas food
The hard part about the profession is that you have a very short time to deliver and that every effort will be summed up for lunch or dinner. Keeping guests happy is a constant challenge, and as a chef, you almost always work during holidays and birthdays, which means you miss a lot of family time.

Despite a well-filled resume of top restaurants from Peru and Spain to Stockholm and Oslo, he doesn’t feel perfect as a chef yet.

“It’s a long road. I am constantly learning new things and looking to develop. With my profession, I have the opportunity to travel around and show Peruvian gastronomy. It makes me very happy and proud.”

Eddy Vargas drink

If you want to impress your friends or date, Eddy thinks you should cook fresh oysters with Leche de Tigre (the juice from Ceviche). “That mix will be the best Aphrodisiac appetizer.” Or – he adds, “A Tirado. There are slices of raw fish marinated in Leche de Tigre. It’s a very elegant and tasty dish. It fits perfectly for a romantic dinner.” And if you’re going out to eat in Stockholm, Eddy recommends Lilla Ego – a gem for connoisseurs. However, you must book in time if you want a table, as table bookings are released with 90 days advance notice!

Follow Eddy’s food adventures

Follow Eddy’s food adventures

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