Stockholm’s best avocado toast

One of the most popular dishes right now – which has been popular for some time – is toast with avocado on top. Photo-friendly and being posted across social media platforms such as Instagram, this dish is getting a lot of likes and comments.

I am a huge fan of avocado myself, both the taste and the way it looks. If you’re a fan as well, here is a list as to where to find the best avocado toast in Stockholm.

  1. Kaffeverket: A small and trendy café located at St. Eriksgatan 88 in Vasastan. This is one of my favorite places to go to when I want to indulge in a café breakfast. I order avocado toast every time. Why? Because it is so good! The Danish style rye bread, baked by Bakery & Spice, located right next door, is extremely tasty. A plus is that they also add some chili flakes on top. Yummy! The only downside with this one is its size; it’s just a bit too small for the price (45 SEK).DSC_0049 (1)
  2. Café Pascal:This one is quite similar to the one at Kaffeverket. But instead of chili flakes it is served with sesame seeds on top.Ska-rmavbild_2016-06-15_kl._17.56.32
  3. STHLM Brunch Club: This toast is made of fluffy sourdough bread and instead of being sliced the avocado is mashed. This one is a bit bigger compared to the others and you can choose to add a poached egg, bacon, or smoked salmon on top, making it more of a proper meal.Ska-rmavbild_2016-06-15_kl._17.55.44

While in Stockholm take the time to try these cafés – either for the avocado toast or for another Swedish delight. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed 🙂



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