DQ Vodka, the luxury and highly pure Swedish Vodka

Good day my friends, I hope you are all doing great. Today I wanna tell you about DQ Vodka, a luxury and very pure Swedish vodka that I came across with. And boy what a discovery it was…
A subtle, classy, beautiful and elegant blue bottle can be no vase for any spirit, right? The looks of it truly honors its content, a vodka that is in taste crisp, clean and smooth. When drunk on the rocks or pure, it softly coats the throat with a pleasant burning sensation that immediately turns into happiness. Absolutely delicious and elegant!

If you ask me why is this such a good vodka well the answer is simple. They have experts working and distilling, and in combination with the products itself that the vodka is made of -incredibly pure water from Malmköping and the Swedish winter wheat.
Malmköping, located in the Western coast of Sweden, has some of the purest waters in the world -found in its subterranean aquifers.
Then comes the wheat. Planted in the autumn, it goes through the rough winter and then the spring. The main and key difference here is the Swedish midnight sun. In comparison to other parts of Europe, we are blessed with 5 extra hours of daylight and sun, so it comes as no surprise that the final product is richer and more complex.
Pure magic!

Me and a few friends have tasted different types of vodka along our lives, and we coincided and were astonished to experience a surreal delicacy when drinking the vodka pure.
Literally, it almost doesn’t burn and it is a treat to the senses.
After doing the research, it all made sense.
Think of it as coffee. If you made a cappuccino with tainted water and/or a low quality milk, the result will not be a supreme beverage, right?
Same principle here. Congratulations to DQ Vodka for bringing a product of such quality and prestige.
I suggest you to drink it pure, with a few cubes of ice and/or make a few cocktails that can be found on their website.
Grab your own bottle and tell me what you think. And as we say here in Sweden, skål! (it means cheers).

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