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Tasty food, good drinks, a nice environment, and top-class service are all good, but going out to eat is even better if you combine dinner with a show, right? And that’s exactly what you get at Stockholm’s restaurants with entertainment. If you’re looking for food plus show, the city offers something for all tastes – from singing wait staff and excellent artist performances to fun stand-up comedy and burlesque shows. In other words, you and your company have all you need for an unforgettable evening.

Last updated: June 5, 2024

Is it time for a 50th-anniversary party? Maybe you want to have an extraordinary evening with your colleagues to conclude your conference? Or do you want to have a really fun evening with your friends? Then you should go to a restaurant or bar with entertainment. Adding song, dance, show, humor, a party atmosphere, and sometimes a little craziness to the dinner really makes the evening special.

Find Stockholm’s restaurants with entertainment

Do you want a singing waiter who serves a medley of 1980s biggest hits between starters and main courses? Do you like lying on the floor laughing between the bites? Or enjoy sipping on a drink at the bar while watching a burlesque show? Then there’s a Stockholm restaurant for you. The city simply has something for everyone, and the fact that the Swedish capital is spoiled with so many talented artists in all types of entertainment makes it even better.

To help you find your way among Stockholm’s restaurants (and bars) with entertainment, we’ve made a guide to the best places that combine delicious food with great shows and other festivities. Have fun – and get ready for a fabulous evening!


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MELT Bar & Restaurang

“Life is a cabaret, old chum – so come to the cabaret”

MELT Bar & Restaurant is an excellent alternative for you’re in the mood for a dinner show in Stockholm, more specifically, a burlesque show. Here you are welcomed into a 1920s-scented restaurant and bar inspired by the Prohibition era in New York – a so-called speakeasy bar, Stockholm’s first. Get ready for world-class entertainment: cabaret evenings with talented singers, dancers, eye-catching costumes (we’re talking things like glitter, feathers, sequins, high heels, corsets, and false eyelashes), acrobats, jugglers, and much more.

Besides the burlesque show, MELT Bar & Restaurant offers luxurious cocktails, eclectic cuisine, and a wonderful atmosphere with fancy decor. In short, you get a unique experience unlike anything else in Stockholm. When you enter the doors from Malmskillnadsgatan, you never really know what’ll happen – other than that you will have a magical evening. The expectations of you as an audience, then? Well, you should cheer, clap, whistle, and have fun – in other words, show the artists that you appreciate their performance. MELT Bar & Restaurant is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (don’t miss burlesque bingo on Thursdays).

Malmskillnadsgatan 45, Norrmalm/City


If you’re a music fan and like to go to concerts in Stockholm, you probably know about Fasching. Since 1977, it has been a legendary venue for Stockholmers and tourists who love jazz, soul, blues, disco, and hip-hop. Everyone from big stars to unknown talents, Swedish and international, takes the stage almost every night (250-300 concerts are organized annually).

But this iconic concert venue and nightclub also has an excellent restaurant that serves food during the concerts. And buying a food ticket at Fasching’s concerts is a brilliant combination for those who want to enjoy good food and drink along with fantastic live music. The kitchen serves high-quality food, including starters, main courses, and desserts, and vegetarian and vegan options. Music and food are two of life’s highlights, and Fasching delivers a remarkable double.

Kungsgatan 63, Norrmalm/City


Wallmans is ready to entertain you

Anyone who likes an entertaining dinner show in Stockholm has probably heard of Wallmans. This classic entertainment institution has invited both Stockholmers and casual visitors to fantastic parties since 1991. And they’re more popular than ever. Here you and your company get a unique experience with a show, food, and drink. It’s top-quality all the way through, and prepare for a fantastic evening for all the senses.

The luxurious menu has been composed by the restaurant’s chef according to the season’s ingredients. The food is then served by the stars of the evening – the artists. In addition to serving plenty of tasty dishes during the evening also offer great entertainment and many surprises. It’s no coincidence that many of Sweden’s successful artists have begun their careers at Wallmans. The atmosphere is always top-notch, and no matter if you’re two people or an entire company, you can have a culinary and musical experience you’ll remember for a long time.

Teatergatan 3, Norrmalm/City



Hamburger Börs

Dinner show in Stockholm? That probably makes many people think of Hamburger Börs, also called ‘Börsen.’ In this traditional Stockholm scene that has been around for 340 (!) years, many of Sweden’s absolute greatest artists have performed over the years – Lill Lindfors, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Björn Skifs, After Dark, Jerry Williams, Lena Philipsson, Magnus Uggla, and Sanna Nielsen are just some examples. In addition, this entertainment palace has attracted international superstars such as Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and Liza Minnelli.

A rich history, to say the least, and the venue continues to offer world-class stage shows and unforgettable music experiences year after year. Some of the best entertainment Stockholm has to offer to sum it all up. With the entertainment, you can enjoy good food made from the highest quality ingredients plus good drinks, and there’s something for everyone on the menu. If you are visiting Stockholm, a tip is to combine the dinner show with an overnight stay at a hotel. And if you’re nearby on Saturdays and Sundays, you should not miss Hamburger Börs’ brunch.

Jakobsgatan 6, Norrmalm/City

Golden Hits

Golden Hits is a true classic among restaurants with entertainment in Stockholm. And if you want to experience a fantastic dinner show, this is one of the greatest places to be. They describe their dinner club as a crazy dinner party, Sweden’s funniest, so the bar is set high. Here, people of all ages meet and have a good time together, so bring friends, family, or work colleagues for an evening filled with fabulous shows, music, dance, and joy in the middle of central Stockholm. Whether it’s a birthday, an event with work, or just a regular Friday night, Golden Hits delivers an unbeatable mix of craziness, humor, and warmth. And certainly, a lot of spontaneous dancing.

Of course, the restaurant’s chefs are also in a party mood and offer a three-course menu full of surprises – old classic dishes that got a creative upgrade. The food is served by the show staff, a bunch of skilled artists who know how to create an incredible atmosphere that almost makes the roof lift. And if that’s not enough, Golden Hits also offers Golden Pianos, where you can request songs and have them played as well as karaoke. In addition, they have a popular nightclub where you can party on the dance floor to hits only. The party lasts all night long. Welcome to Stockholm’s – and probably also Sweden’s – funniest restaurant.

Kungsgatan 29, Norrmalm/City

M/S Vindhem

Tacos feast at M/S Vindhem

Fancy a dinner with entertainment in Stockholm and at the same time a wonderful boat trip in the world’s most beautiful archipelago? Then the music boat M/S Vindhem is exactly what you need. Here, they’ve been serving food in combination with entertainment at sea since 1987 – a concept that has resonated well with both Stockholmers and tourists. Popular, festive, and full-packed, as they describe it themselves.

At M/S Vindhem, it’s always shrimp time. And considering that they’ve offered seafood cruises for several decades, you can be sure that they deliver a wonderful food and music experience, including unbeatable views. Unlimited shrimp (alternative tacos), freshly baked bread, butter, and aioli. For dessert, a well-filled cheese platter. What more could you ask for? And, of course, there are also options if you’re vegetarian, vegan, or allergic (let them know in advance). Festive cover bands deliver the entertainment, and you can enjoy hit song after hit song from the rock and pop genres, and the tempo then increases more and more during the evening. So resisting the dance floor will not be easy… In December, you shouldn’t miss M/S Vindhem’s popular Christmas buffet cruise with classic Christmas food favorites and troubadours.

Skeppsbron Kajplats 101, Old Town

Norra Brunn

If you want to combine good food and drink with a comedy club, you should head to Norra Brunn, Sweden’s most famous stand-up comedy restaurant and filming location for Swedish TV’s humor show ‘Släng dig I brunnen.’ Here, Sweden’s biggest and best stand-up comedians perform after dinner. And to finish eating before they start is a must – otherwise, it would be impossible to get a bite between the laughter… Showtime is 8 pm Tuesday to Saturday, and note that the restaurant has an entrance fee.

The menu has something for all tastes – from ‘Wallenbergare’ and salmon fillet to vegetarian tortellini and vegan chili. And, of course, there’s a wide range of tasty starters and desserts if you’re extra hungry. Why not go for the popular three-course show menu and add a drink package with beer, wine, coffee, and an after-dinner drink. A good laugh and a good meal – a hard-to-beat combination that makes Norra Brunn one of Stockholm’s best dinner show restaurants.

Surbrunnsgatan 33, Vasastan



Lasse i Gatan

A pirate restaurant in Old Town? Sure, why not? At least if it’s as festive as Lasse i Gatan. From Västerlånggatan, you take the stairs down to the restaurant’s beautiful and ancient vaults, where you travel back in time to the 18th century. Here they do a grand-scale celebration of Lars Gathenhielm (who was called Lasse i Gatan) and his wife Ingela’s unlikely successes as hijackers at sea. Good food with a piece of Swedish history to sum it all up. Behind the restaurant’s concept is the Swedish artist Martin’ E-Type’ Erikson, who also founded the nearby Viking restaurant Aifur.

This restaurant and bar with a pirate theme offers, to say the least, a different dining experience – from the room’s decorations and table setting to the live music. In addition, both staff and regulars have contemporary clothing so that everyone get the authentic feeling of being part of the hijacker couple’s crew. The food is not as 18th century-inspired but consists of more contemporary dishes such as charcuterie tray, Toast Skagen, char fillet, steak, cheeseburger, and risotto. The drinks menu has everything you need – sparkling, champagne, red wines, white wines, beer, rum, and non-alcoholic.

Västerlånggatan 60, Old Town


An entertaining evening at Tyrol. Photo © Gröna Lund

Tyrol is a classic restaurant in Stockholm dating from the 1930s and the main restaurant for Gröna Lund. Here you can enjoy good food, a festive atmosphere, and high-class entertainment. The restaurant offers both shows, concerts, leasing, and Christmas buffets. Over the years, many big stars have been on stage here, both Swedish and international. For a few years, Tyrol was also transformed into a Greek tavern to house the blockbuster Mamma Mia! The Party where the cheering guests enjoyed dinner entertainment with ABBA’s immortal songs, a Mediterranean menu, and a tremendous party.

Lilla Allmänna Gränd 2, Djurgården

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Have fun at Stockholm’s dinner show restaurants and bars

There you have our guide to Stockholm’s best dinner show restaurants. We hope you find one that fits, whether you are in a show mood on a Thursday night, want an extra festive evening with a group of friends, or want to eat and have fun with colleagues. Going out to eat should be fun, and Stockholm offers a lot for those who think that food goes best with shows, songs, music, and dance.

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