Dinner at Brasseriet

Yesterday I had dinner at Brasseriet. Brasseriet is located inside the Opera house, but don’t be fooled, it is no tourist trap! I made my reservation with The Fork after seeing the nice reviews.

The menu consists of “middle dishes” so it’s not divided into your usual appetizers and mains. Each dish is somewhere in between in size and getting 2-3 dishes per person is recommended. We had two dishes and one dessert which was perfectly satisfying.

My first dish was the artichoke with chanterelles, kale and sour cream. After that I had the “Swedish duck” served with black pudding, hazel nuts and plum. I loved the presentation and taste of the first dish, seriously one of the tastiest combinations I’ve ever had I think.


The dessert was so good. Chocolate fondant with a creamy peanut sauce, salty caramel and sour cream. I love the combination of sweet, salt and sour.


The restaurant is beautifully decorated and has a nice atmosphere to it. It is very calm and perfect for a cozy dinner. The service was fast, but not too fast, and when the food arrived our waitress presented everything on the plate.


Picture from Brasseriet.se 

I have to come back to try more of this delicious food. The concept with smaller size but flavor rich dishes suits me perfectly. And they had so many interesting things on the menu. I don’t think it’ll be long before I am back 😉

I can strongly recommend you to check out The Fork. The Fork is a smooth tool when looking for good restaurants and making reservations. Furthermore, they have offers with up to 50% off on the bill, so check it out to make sure you don’t miss out!


In collaboration with The Fork 

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