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There is so much to see and do in Stockholm, but maybe you want to take a break from all the great museums, restaurants, and shopping in the city and go on a day trip? No problem, there are many wonderful places to visit outside the borders of Stockholm, here are our favorites.
Last updated: April 24, 2023





Väddö Gårdsmejeri

Väddö Gårdsmejeri
Visit Väddö Gårdsmejeri, located in the beautiful countryside 100 km north of Stockholm

An hour’s drive north from Stockholm, on the scenic island of Väddö in Roslagen, you’ll find a countryside idyll, perfect for those who want to take a nice day trip from Stockholm and leave the hectic city life for a while. At Väddö Gårdsmejeri, an old family-owned farm, you can experience authentic Swedish countryside, and it’s great for both children and adults. It’s one of the few remaining local farm dairies in Sweden, and here you can meet cows, pigs, and other animals, see how the farm’s delicious products (including a fantastic organic burger cheddar) are produced in the dairy, and experience fun activities.

Many people come to Väddö Gårdsmejeri for the food, so make sure you’re hungry when you get here. Only really good food is served, without additives and other oddities, and you can closely follow all steps of the food production. The restaurant Bonden & Burgaren serves high-quality burgers with meat from the farm, their own cheddar cheese, and locally produced ingredients. In Bondens Glasskalas, with a nice view of the Väddö canal, you can enjoy homemade ice cream inspired by Italian gelato and made from organic milk from the farm’s cows. Among the activities, you can enjoy lots of fun. Some favorites are the cow release at the beginning of summer and the exciting ghost party in November.

Hammarbyvägen 34, Väddö

M/S Vindhem

M/S Vindhem Stockholm
The view from M/S Vindhem

If you’re itching to view the stunning Stockholm archipelago for yourself, but have limited time, why not hop on a 2-hour boat ride for the evening? The M/S Vindhem departs twice weekly from Old Town (Gamla Stan) and takes passengers on a lively, picturesque excursion out on the water.

For dinner, it’s an all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet, or beef tacos if that’s your fancy. Don’t expect to disembark much, though – other than a 10-minute stop on one rock, for the most part, you’ll stay on the boat! With live music and boisterous dancing, this is the place to see Swedes at their most festive.

Skeppsbron Kajplats 101, Old Town


Vaxholm Fortress
The Vaxholm Fortress
Vaxholm is the town most people think of when they picture the Archipelago – sleepy shops, cobblestone streets, and wooden houses, delicately preserved and shy in their pastel colors. You can spend a long day or afternoon on Vaxholm, exploring the harbor, visiting fishing villages, trying the local cafés. For a bit of an adventure, check out the beautiful Vaxholm fortress island, or rent a kayak or canoe out on the west side.




Gustavsberg porcelain Berså Stig Lindberg
The porcelain ‘Berså’ by the famous Swedish designer Stig Lindberg
Gustavsberg Harbor on Värmdö is a designer’s paradise. With more than 70 artisan workshops, a porcelain factory and porcelain museum, it’s a haven for those on the lookout for quintessential Swedish design. Have a languid stroll in the colorful harbor, step into antique stores, and shop ’til you drop.

In the world of porcelain, Gustavsberg has many famous traditions, and famous brands like Iittala, Arabia and eponymous Gustavsberg sell their wares that are eagerly sought after by collectors.


Runestone Birka Björkö
A runestone in Birka
Attention all history-buffs: Birka should be high on your list of next Stockholm destinations. A UNESCO heritage site, Birka is one of the oldest Viking settlements in Sweden. Situated on the island of Björkö in Lake Mälaren, a visit is like stepping back in time. Founded in the mid-700s as a major trade center, archaeologists have found silver from Arabia, beads from Eastern Europe, and expensive fabrics.

Stop by the museum, meet reenactors at the reconstructed Viking village, or join a guided tour of archaeology. You can even grab a traditional Viking meal at the newly refurbished Särimner restaurant.

We hope you’ll enjoy your day trip in the surroundings of Stockholm!
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