A Cozy Dinner at Slingerbulten in Old Town

Looking to taste some Swedish classics in Old Town at a reasonable price? Then look no further. Slingerbulten offers just that, and all in a very central location.

Slingerbulten serves traditional Swedish classics that are both well priced and delicious. The restaurant has a very cozy and relaxed feel to it. Everyone is welcome to dine here. As with most restaurants in Old Town, the crowd ranges from out-of-town Swedes to internationals from all over the world – all looking to try some delicious Swedish foods.



During my recent visit to Slingerbulten, my boyfriend and I indulged in a tasty 3-course meal. I played it pretty safe with my order – sticking to the Swedish classics I know and trust. My boyfriend, on the other hand, was a bit more adventurous as he tried all of our server’s recommendations.

Smoked Reindeer with Västerbotten cheese and lingonberries

Smoked Reindeer with Västerbotten cheese and lingonberries

To start, I ordered the Toast Skagen and he tried the Smoked Reindeer with Västerbotten cheese and lingonberries. The Toast Skagen was delicious, as always. But we were pleasantly surprised with the Smoked Reindeer, as it ended up being our favourite appetizer of the two.

Seared Cod with butter, horseradish, and boiled potatoes

Seared Cod with butter, horseradish, and boiled potatoes

Next up were the entrees. I ordered Seared Cod with butter, horseradish, and boiled potatoes. My boyfriend decided to tried another one of our server’s recommendations, which was the Ox Cheek. It was baked in a red wine sauce and served with bacon, mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Again, our server did not disappoint, as this was our favourite dish of the two.

For dessert, we shared the Chocolate Mousse with berries and cream as well as the House Sorbet. Both desserts were delightful – a great ending to a fantastic dinner.


The atmosphere at Slingerbulten is cozy and relaxed. If you’re looking to have a casual night out in Old Town, Slingerbulten is a great choice. Unlike some of my other recommended restaurants in Stockholm, Slingerbulten doesn’t have that stuffy or somewhat pretentious feel to it. Definitely my kind of restaurant!



We were very pleased with the service we experienced at Slingerbulten. Our server was friendly and very knowledgeable about the dishes served. His recommendations are what made our meal and overall experience that much more enjoyable. He’s also from Ireland originally so we really enjoyed chatting with him about his experience living in Sweden. I may be biased but I believe expats always offer great insight to the culture and lifestyle of a country!

Final Thoughts

All in all, Slingerbulten is an excellent restaurant choice in Old Town for tasty Swedish eats at a more affordable price. With a prime location and great customer service, it’s no wonder it’s one of my recommended restaurants to try while visiting Stockholm. And remember, for a truly enjoyable dining experience, trust your server’s recommendations!

For more information, visit their website at www.slingerbulten.com

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