Classic Scandinavian Furniture and Design by G.A.D

Since living in Sweden, something I’ve really come to appreciate is the minimal yet sophisticated Scandinavian design. It’s strange how sometimes the most simple pieces can really captivate your attention. And that’s exactly what G.A.D is all about – creating quality Scandinavian furniture and design that’s a welcome addition to any home.

Since I’ve recently been in the market for some Scandinavian decor, I eventually came across the Swedish brand, G.A.D. The company offers a beautiful assortment of classic furniture and design made with quality, natural, and locally sourced materials.

G.A.D furniture 3

Where It All Began

The more I looked into G.A.D and it’s history, the more I fell in love with the brand. G.A.D was founded by local designer Kristian Eriksson in 1998. Eriksson followed his design dream away from the business world in Stockholm, all the way over to the quaint Swedish island of Gotland.

What guided Eriksson to establish G.A.D was a simple vision: to create quality design pieces in the more traditional method, by hand. What started out as a small line of products displayed at the Furniture Fair in Stockholm eventually grew into what the business is today – an award-winning line of quality furniture, cherished throughout Scandinavia.

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Timeless Furniture and Design

Probably the most important factor to distinguish a good designer from a mediocre one is craftsmanship. And this is where G.A.D really shines. All G.A.D products are created by a handful of skilled carpenters on the island of Gotland. Some of the furnishings you can find include tables, chairs, bookcases, cabinets, dining tables, sofas, and more.

When browsing the product assortment, we’re constantly reminded of Eriksson’s vision:

“The strength of a G.A.D piece is the ability to attract and draw your attention without being intrusive or bold. It is vital the design and functions are longlasting and the style fit both your present and your future home.”

Furthermore, all G.A.D furnishings are crafted with local and sustainable materials. Some of the materials used include Swedish birch and oak wood, fleece from Gotlandic sheep and limestone from Gotland. And due to the high-quality design process, your furniture will appear in mint condition, even after several years’ use.

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Discover More

If you’re interested in owning a G.A.D product for yourself, you can visit one of their resellers in Sweden or throughout Europe. Or, you can visit one of their showrooms located in Visby or Stockholm, or even purchase a selection of items online.

For more information, visit their website here.


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