10 best Christmas smorgasbord (julbord) in Stockholm 2017

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Christmas ham, spare rib, meatballs, chipolata sausage – no Swedish Christmas, or Stockholm Christmas, is complete without a really nice Christmas smorgasbord (‘julbord’ in Swedish).

And luckily you don’t have to wait for Christmas Eve to have Christmas food – here are ten restaurants in Stockholm that offer a wonderful Christmas smorgosbord from the end of November. So take the opportunity to enjoy all your Christmas food favorites, the beautiful lights and cozy atmosphere that fills the city this time of year.


Vau De Ville

At Vau De Ville, the French cuisine has inspired the Christmas dinner, and you will get a luxurious Christmas plateau at the table instead of the traditional buffet. You can also order a special beverage package that includes snaps, cava, beer, and wine.

Norrmalmstorg 6, Östermalm


Buco Nero

Buco Nero cooks up a generous Italian Christmas buffet with both Swedish and Italian classics. The restaurant offers a wide range of delicious seafood and fish dishes, and also a lot of vegetables, meat dishes and other goodies such as cheeses and sweets.

Roslagsgatan 4, Vasastan

Stockholm Christmas dinners julbord 2017



Another Italian Christmas buffet can be found at restaurant Trattorian, which is beautifully located on the waterfront of Norr Mälarstrand. In the country-style dining room you can enjoy a wide range of dishes from all over Italy, such as Sicilian fish, Tuscan cheese and pasta from Rome. The Christmas dinner ends with homemade sweets and digestivo.

Norr Mälarstrand, kajplats 464, Kungsholmen

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Not everyone is a fan of Christmas ham, meatballs and other traditional Christmas food. If you are one of these people, there’s a nice Christmas dinner alternative on STHLM Tapas. Here you’ll get five different tapas plus a dessert and can also order a matching beverage package.

Torsgatan 55, Vasastan


Grand Hotel

From November 27, Verandan at Grand Hotel sets up its world-famous Christmas smorgasbord. Here you’ll find all the classic dishes of a true Swedish Christmas smorgasbord. And why not try Grand Hotel’s very own snaps 1874 Grand Akvavit with your food. Fancy some Christmas music as well? Don’t miss the Christmas show Grand Rocks with the Swedish artist Brolle.

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, Norrmalm

Christmas smorgasbord julbord in Stockholm 2017

Enjoy the legendary Christmas smorgasbord at Grand Hotel


Sjätte Tunnan

Throughout December, the medieval tavern, Sjätte Tunnan in Old Town, serves its old-fashioned Christmas dinner. They repeat last year’s success where they replaced the traditional Christmas buffet with full restaurant service and a tasting menu. All dishes are lactose free and they can also become completely free of gluten and/or vegetarian if you want. During the meal, jesters entertain with songs, tricks and fire.

Stora Nygatan 41-43, Old Town


Urban Deli

On Sveavägen, right in the middle of Stockholm city, Urban Deli serves a Christmas buffet with extra everything. Here you’ll find a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, such as pickled cauliflower, orange and saffron cooked fennel, sweet potatoes and soya bean pâté. But of course there are also deli meat, cheeses and Christmas food classics like herring, ribs, meatballs and sausages. In other words, the Urban Deli Christmas buffet is for everyone.

Sveavägen 44, Norrmalm

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Stockholm julbord 2017


Siggesta Gård

Celebrate a traditional and rural Christmas at Siggesta Gård, a farm located on the island Värmdö south of Stockholm. Here, virtually all the food on the Christmas buffet is homemade with locally produced fine ingredients. And an extra plus is that there’s also a lot of yummy Christmas candy.

Siggesta, Värmdö



Experience magical Christmas spirit in Old Town. At the restaurant Ebenist, located in the middle of Old Town, the artist and celebrity chef Plura Jonson, known from the Swedish TV series ‘Plura’s Kitchen’, together with the chef Mathias Brogie, have created a classic Swedish Christmas smorgasbord where you feel the breath of history.

Stortorget 7, Old Town

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Christmas food Stockholm 2017



Stockholm is known as the Venice of the North, so having a Christmas dinner out on the sea is a perfect combination of sightseeing and Swedish Christmas food. On the boat Vindhem you’ll find all the traditional Swedish dishes you can wish for – herring, Christmas ham, chipolata sausage, Jansson’s temptation, salmon and lutfisk (preserved cod) to name just a few of the delights. While enjoying the food, a troubadour plays specially selected music. A perfect Christmas table for the whole family.

Skeppsbron, Kajplats 101, Old Town

We wish you a wonderful Christmas smorgasbord in Stockholm and a merry Christmas!