Christmas lunch for Stockholm’s homeless in Kungsträdgården on December 18, 2014

Christmas is coming soon, and for most of us that means herring, meatballs, Christmas ham, mulled wine, and a lot of other delicious Christmas food. It also means spending time with family and friends in a warm and cozy environment. But while Stockholm are alighted by all the Christmas decorations and lights, there are people who don’t have someone to eat ham with or even a roof over their head – the city’s homeless. For them, the situation is tough and that’s why the Christmas lunch for Stockholm’s homeless is organized for the third year in a row.

On December 18 at 11 AM, everyone is welcome to Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm to have a delicious Christmas meal for SEK 100. The money will go directly to Stockholm City Mission (Stockholms stadmission), and just as in previous years there will be the offer “pay for two and eat for one.” Those who lack the funds to pay for their lunch are offered ham sandwich and Christmas porridge for free.

In connection with the Christmas lunch, there is a fundraising where individuals and businesses can donate Christmas food and presents for the homeless. The City Mission’s shelters receive all the Christmas food and gifts after the lunch, and if you would like to give a Christmas gift new socks, underwear, caps, gloves, and practical hygiene products such as shampoo, deodorant, and razors are on the wish-list.

Johan Turesson and Anders Sewerin have initiated the Christmas lunch, and by their side they have a number of companies, publicly loved music artists, and a couple of Sweden’s best chefs who cook porridge and ham. Everyone participates without compensation so that all money collected can go directly to the City Mission’s activities.

At View Stockholm we are pleased to once again have the privilege of being one of the companies that helps to make this great initiative possible. And this year, we hope that the most valuable Christmas lunch of the year will be attended by even more people. The two previous Christmas lunches has brought in nearly SEK 500,000, 42 bags of presents, and 15 cages of Christmas food to Stockholm’s City Mission. This year we hope to beat that result. So take the opportunity to head to Kungsträdgården on December 18 and enjoy the double pleasure of both contributing to a good cause and having a good meal for only SEK 100.

If you are unable to attend, you can text your contribution by sending the word “jullunch” to the number 72980, and thus donate SEK 100. You can also pay for a couple of lunches by putting money into either Plusgiro 90 03 51-8 or Bankgiro 900-3518.

Read more about the Christmas lunch for Stockholm’s homeless (“Jullunch för Stockholms hemlösa”) on Facebook.

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