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Do you want to buy a cargo bike in Stockholm? A smart choice. Cargo bikes make life and everyday logistics easier in many ways. Driving children to preschool, carrying heavy grocery bags, or a lovely weekend trip with the family, for example. And it doesn’t hurt that this comfortable and eco-friendly vehicle has smooth electric assistance, making it easier to ride uphill and in headwinds. The city has many good shops selling high-quality cargo bikes, and here is a guide to the best ones.
Last updated: May 26, 2023

Cargo bikes are a simple, climate-friendly, and practical way of transportation. You can easily get to where you want to go without owning a car and deal with the hassle of parking spaces, garages, and traffic jams. Everyday exercise and the joy of movement are extra bonuses.

And compared to regular bikes, you can carry much more goods as cargo bikes have spacious cargo areas either at the front or back. Perfect for kids, dogs, grocery bags, equipment, and anything else you need to transport.

Nowadays, employers can also offer cargo bikes as a benefit to their employees, with many advantages for both companies and employees.

Find the right shop for cargo bikes in Stockholm

Stockholm is a bike-friendly city where you can easily get around by bicycle pretty much anywhere. Significantly smoother (and more climate-friendly) than a car and faster than by foot. Today, the city’s cycling network consists of 1,140 kilometers of bicycle paths and lanes, and the number of cyclists is growing. More and more people have also discovered smart cargo bikes.

If you’ve decided to invest in a cargo bike, you have plenty of good options to choose from in the Swedish capital. And to help you find your way through the bike jungle, we’ve created a guide to buying a cargo bike in Stockholm. These shops offer a wide range of good cargo bikes in different models for those who want to get around with this flexible vehicle.

If you prefer to rent a cargo bike (or other type of bike), check out our guide to renting a bike in Stockholm.





With a cargo bike from Livelo, you can easily and safely accommodate both children and grocery bags.

Livelo is an electrically assisted cargo bike for the whole family that makes life easier. You can use it all year round and get around quickly, stably, and safely – wherever you need to go. Eco-friendly, time-efficient, and fun. If you want to test drive the bike before purchasing, you can visit the store in Östermalm or one of the retailers in the Stockholm area. There is also a webshop if you prefer to buy your cargo bike online.

With Livelo #1, you get a top-quality transport bike with comfortable and ergonomic seating. It’s equipped with a wide range of smart functions and important safety features such as three-point belts and hydraulic disc brakes. The bike’s stylish and modern design also makes you stand out in traffic.

The spacious and rainproof basket holds up to 80 kg and is perfect for taking the kids to preschool, school, or training. Or why not take the bike to the grocery store and shop for the whole week – there’s plenty of room for many grocery bags. And if you want to go on a lovely bike ride with the family, just pack the kids and picnic basket and pedal away. Since Livelo is an electric bike, pedaling up hills or against the wind is no problem.

Karlavägen 2, Östermalm
Cargo bikes Stockholm
Cargo bikes are a great way to get around Stockholm – Photo: Sven Brandsma/Unsplash


Cargobike was founded in 2007 and was a cargo bike pioneer in Sweden. Over the years, Sweden’s oldest cargo bike company has further developed its products and is today one of the country’s giants in the industry. Their models are among the most sold cargo bikes and are popular among both companies, families, and dog owners who want a good cargo bike for dogs.

The offering includes many models, from three-wheeled cargo bikes to two-wheeled transport bikes (with just two wheels, you can travel at higher speeds). And no matter which Cargobike model you choose, you get a safe, quality bike designed for the Scandinavian climate, including a long range, strong engine, multiple gears, and hydraulic brakes.

If you want to buy a cargo bike in Stockholm from Cargobike you can find their showroom in Spånga. The bikes are also available at many retailers around the city. There you can look at the different models, take them for a test ride, and buy accessories or spare parts. Some dealers also offer service. If you can’t get to a store, you can have your cargo bike delivered to your door, fully assembled.

Stackvägen 22, Spånga

Gamla Enskede Lådcyklar

Gamla Enskede Lådcyklar is located in Bagarmossen in southern Stockholm and is passionate about cargo bikes and that more people should start using these smart and flexible vehicles. Today, they offer several international quality brands, and the knowledgeable and helpful staff is happy to advise you to find the right product for your needs.

At Gamla Enskede Lådcyklar, you’ll find, among others, Dutch, which was the first to develop two-wheeled cargo bikes for driving children. The brand is a modern classic on the market in both two-wheeled and three-wheeled cargo bikes, and their models, with their excellent driving characteristics, have won several tests. The range also includes the Danish quality brand Winther as well as Bellabike, Nihola, Urban Arrow, and Bertus.

Ljusnevägen 3A, Bagarmossen




eloVelo are experts in electric bikes, and here you’ll find top-quality e-bikes for all needs – perfect for getting from point A to B without breaking a sweat or running out of muscle power. They only work with well-known brands and suppliers, so you can be sure you’re getting a great bike with a powerful engine and durable components.

eloVelo has a physical store in Kungsholmen and an online store offering a wide range of electrically assisted cargo bikes with plenty of space for children, grocery bags, luggage, and pets. You’ll find front load (cargo space in front), mid-tail (compact bikes), and longtail (cargo space in back) from the brands Riese & Müller, Tern eBikes, Urban Arrow, Gazelle, and Yuba.

There’s also a wide range of regular electric bikes and electric scooters (eScooters), as well as accessories such as batteries, child seats, bike trailers, bags, and locks. In addition, the eloVelo bicycle workshop provides service and repairs.

Drottningholmsvägen 62, Kungsholmen
Transport bikes Stockholm
A cargo bike is a smart, eco-friendly, and fun vehicle – Photo: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash


Cykelfabriken is a Swedish cargo bike brand with its own shop and manufacturing in Södermalm that has been in business since 2009. On the premises, they do everything from start to finish – developing, designing, constructing, and assembling cargo bikes. In the shop, you’ll find two-wheelers, three-wheelers, cargo bikes for driving children, and cargo bikes for transporting goods. All with electric drive.

Sustainability and quality are the keywords, and Cykelfabriken only uses the best components from Swedish manufacturers. They’ve also invested a lot in developing cargo bikes fully adapted to the Scandinavian climate, safety requirements, and cycling culture. So if you want to buy a cargo bike in Stockholm that’s guaranteed to be 100% Swedish-made, this is a good choice.

Närkesgatan 6, Södermalm


EcoRide is one of the ebike veterans and has been around since 2008. Since then, they’ve grown considerably and are now available at 200 retailers in four countries. In Stockholm, their store and workshop are located in Södermalm, and here you can test ride bikes and get advice and tips from their e-bike specialists. You can also buy your electric bike online if you prefer.

EcoRide mainly offers ‘regular’ electric bikes, but their range also includes electric cargo bikes. Their model Loader AXS M5 is a stable three-wheeled cargo bike with room for everything and everyone. Load up to four children or lots of luggage and ride away. With a strong motor and extra-large battery, you can effortlessly go on long trips. All EcoRides bikes have been developed in-house, and they only work with good suppliers. Nowadays, all production takes place in Sweden in their factory in Gothenburg.

Hornsgatan 94, Södermalm


Elcykelpunkten is Sweden’s largest e-bike shop, and here you’ll find all possible models of electric bikes – gravel, folding, hybrid, mountain bike, and standard. And, of course, also electric cargo bikes. The offering includes several models in different price ranges from well-known brands such as EcoRide, Monark, Cargobike, Babboe, Batavus, Trek, and Bergamont.

They have a physical store in Kungsholmen and e-commerce with a gigantic supply. There you can order bicycles and all imaginable bicycle accessories, such as child seats, bicycle clothing, helmets, baskets, locks, pumps, and much more. And if you need bike parts for your e-bike, Elcykelpunkten offers everything from batteries and chargers to pedals and saddles.

Hantverkargatan 85, Kungsholmen



Söders Cykelbutik

Söders Cykelbutik has been in the bicycle business for three generations, ever since 1945, and today they’re one of Stockholm’s largest bicycle shops with their own workshop. At 700 square meters, they offer an extensive range of everything you need for competition, exercise, and everyday cycling. Within cargo bikes and transport bikes, they offer bikes with two or three wheels from prominent brands such as Livelo, Nihola, EcoRide, Gazelle, Trek, and Skeppshult.
Sankt Paulsgatan 43, Södermalm
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Good luck finding the right cargo bike in Stockholm

There you have our guide to cargo bikes in Stockholm. We hope you’ll find a model and store that suits your needs, whether you want to take the kids to preschool, shop in an eco-friendly way, or take your dog to work. Enjoy your bike ride!

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