Caliente is an all natural organic drink with a slight sting to it. Infused with chilli, this is not a drink for the one who can’t stand a little heat in their lives.

Caliente comes in two different flavours, Lime & Ginger and Cranberry & Pomegranate and are best served cold. However, something I’ve found to be the beauty of these drinks are the different things you can make with them, aside from just drinking it out of the bottle.

Why not surprise your dinner guests with a hot and spicy drink by mixing a little Caliente Ginger & Lime with soda, lime, ice, sugar and mint leaves? Or heating up a Cranberry & Pomegranate with cinnamon stick, carnation and drink it like a glögg (mulled wine) if you’re suffering from that post Christmas melancholia?

Either way you choose to drink it, it’s guaranteed to give your tastebuds that kick to make those endorphins going!

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